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You have probably entered this page searching for the people / person behind this Blog. But it’s not as much about us, than it’s about you. Let me try explain through the questions we are mostly asked….

  • So What is ‘Restaurants in Kuwait’ about..? – My wife and I enjoy eating out (as do many of you), but with today’s constraints, time and money can at times seem as a luxury. We want to make the rare opportunity we get to dine out with family or friends and the money we spend count. So nothing should go wrong with the choice of the restaurant or the food we order. Moreover,  what is  not known can be intimidating and most people may not prefer to spend the time or money to try out new restaurants.  In a day when Kuwait is flourishing with specialty restaurants offering everything from gourmet dishes to street food, cutting above the herd can be challenging. Information is the fist line and that is where we come in..!
  • Why Review? – To put it straight, this site was created with the vision to bridge the information gap between ‘the restaurant’ and ‘the customer’. We provide information and reviews that will enable people to understand more of the restaurant, its culinary history, the dishes they serve, the location and of course the price range.  We don’t want to discriminate any restaurant and so we feature all restaurants from ‘hole in the wall’, ‘street food’ to ‘fine dine’. Striving to be a comprehensive ‘one stop – destination’ about Restaurants in Kuwait.
  • What are the challenges we face ? – We don’t wait for an invitation or a free meal or get paid, to include a review. Most times the staff don’t even know us and we could pass as any common customer (if it wasn’t for my Nikon D 7100, which can be a give away – & my wife hates that!) Other than trying to include as many restaurants as we can, the main challenge is to keep that watchful eye on our ‘ever expanding’ waist line 😉 Also our love for meat will never allow us to ever become vegetarians. (finding the time to write, edit, design and publish is the biggest challenge)
  •  What are the aspects on which you rate a restaurant ? – We review restaurants on a six point scale of Ambiance, Service, Menu, Food, Consistency and Value for Money. Feel free to drop in a line about any restaurant you want us to include or even a suggestion regarding restaurants we have featured.
  • Are the contents and pictures original ? – All the written content and photographs posted are original.
  • Do we advertise on the site? – We have just started to include advertising. But will keep it minimal so as to not annoy our readers with pop-ups or influence the design of the site. For more details on advertising please do contact us.
  • What gear do we use? – Most photographs are taken using my Nikon D7100, 35mm 1.8G lens. The pics are minimally edited and watermarked using Lightroom / Photoshop.
  • How to invite us for a review? and payment..? – Invitation is just a call / mail away and please do not pay us

Bon Appetit S & A


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