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Akookah (Rice Crust) Kuwaiti Cuisine

Akookah (Rice Crust) Kuwaiti Cuisine

Akookah (Rice Crust) - Restaurants in KuwaitIf you are in Kuwait and you had to pick one dish that is traditionally loved, I think that would be the Machboos. Though the dish is not just local to Kuwaiti cuisine, its certainly popular here. This is prepared with Lamb, Chicken and Shrimps. A few months back a Kuwaiti colleague of mine told me about Akookah (Rice Crust). As of now they don’t have a restaurant or a website. They seem to be pretty active on Instagram which fuels a lot of of their business. After months of sitting on the fence we finally decided to enjoy their food on a Friday.

We placed the order through ‘watsapp’ and in about an hour plus the package was delivered. As you can see from the picture, their packaging is pretty good. Quite firm and sturdy, but I don’t expect the food to remain warm if you wait for a while till you eat. Once I opened the box the aroma was too alluring that we lost any ounce of akookah-rice-crust-restaurants-in-kuwait-3patience and dived straight to it. We ordered a Lamb Machboos (Kd 3.500) and Chicken Machboos (Kd 2.500). This is a lot of food for 2 people (I meant me and my wife). Total bill Kd 6.500 (0.500 delivery charges). Did I forget to add that they don’t have a minimum order;)

Both the Machboos were delicately spiced long grained basmati rice and melt in your mouth pieces of slow cooked lamb and Chicken served with three sauces and a lovely rich curry on the side… and we loved both, though I personally prefer lamb any day. The lamb had three chunky portions of meat with bone and a perfect amount of fat. Moist, juicy and succulent you almost want to just play around with the meat in your mouth before you swallow, squeezing out every bit of flavor. The chicken had a firm outside and juicy inside.

Machboos conjures up a picture perhaps more luscious than any other stereotype possible. Considering its popularity in the Middle East region, one may think its all the same and you cant go wrong with it; think again! The choice of meat, quality of rice, the brilliance in using with the delicate spices where you don’t want any ingredient to overpower and of course the technique all play its vital role in preparing this ‘masterpiece’ and Akookah does it well!

Ratings – Packaging –  8/10, Service – 8/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall – Don’t think anyone can vehemently claim the origins of this dish and like every dish you can find a dozen or even hundreds of varieties with it’s fervent loyalists, but unlike many places we have had earlier, we have bookmarked this one!

You can Find their Menu here!

Ph -22631515, 60444419

Instagram – 7akookah



  1. Aby

    This place was highly recommended by a few of our Kuwaiti colleagues especially highlighting the authenticity of the cuisine. In Indian cuisine the spices would be dominant enough to mask the flavor of the meat. Thanks for your feedback Saber. Is there any place that you recommend..?

  2. Saber

    Their Machboos is awful, it has a slight Indian touch. Not authentic at all.

  3. Phil

    Nice review. Thank you for the information. Good Machboos is not easy to come by.


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