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AlMakan (Street) Resturant Review

AlMakan (Street) Resturant Review

Almakan restaurantIf you love food and don’t always have the money to dine in restaurants,Almakan Street restaurant street food is your savior. They are delicious, cheap and sometimes provide the best experience. The global food truck chefs have taken this relatively cheap and quick bite to another level the past couple of years. We live in an era where food is as integral to culture as is art and music… and that’s what AlMakan is all about. A very unique concept by chef Zubabar who has created this hub for art and food. They have a coffee shop, restaurant, studio and art gallery.

Located opposite the commercial center and behind Namaste (restaurant), parking can be a challenge at thisPeking Duck bao Bun location. But you could use the parking of the commercial center and walk across. Though the entrance to the coffee shop and restaurant is at the back, you can’t really miss the bold red sign board. They have brilliantly maximized the use of space with a coffee shop below the stairs that leads to the restaurant on the first floor. On the first look you notice the huge windows of this industrial designed interiors  with exposed concrete and pipes, a almost defiant and fun departure from traditional restaurants.

Chicken Karaage Burger (Kd 3.750)Heard this place is really packed during the weekends, so we decided to skip all the buzz and opted for lunch on a weekday. Have to admit that their instagram postings are quite alluring. Think it is every Saturday (not sure) that the chef rolls out something special. Unfortunately we couldn’t get what we came for..and settled for the Pecking Duck Bao Bun (Kd 3), Butter Glazed Truffle Burger (Kd 3.750), Chicken Karaage Buralmakan-restaurants-in-kuwait-8ger (Kd 3.750) and Lemon Mint Mijito (Kd 1.500). The Peking Duck was a tender juicy shredded duck in a Bao Bun. The Bao Bun (or baozi) is a Chinese bread made from rice flour that’s pillow soft. I wasn’t too thrilled with this dish. Conversely, the Chicken Karagee Burger was a butter millk fried chicken with sriracha, honey mustard, bacon and lettuce in a toasted white bun. I’m not a fan of chicken burgers, but this one really was the best in the order. Loved the sweet and spice flavor with the perfectly cooked chicken patty which was crispy and juicy. The Butter Glazed Truffle Burger was a 6oz brisket chuck blend, medium well cooked juicy patty. The white truffle sauce though a bit scanty complimented the flavor. This is almakan-restaurants-in-kuwait-3almakan-restaurants-in-kuwait-12one of the few places where customer preference was asked in cooking the patty. Can anyone go wrong with a Lemon Mint Mojito..? Well, this one tasted like they added too much of a sweet syrup.

We got the desserts to-go from the Coffee Shop. We ordered the Snickers (Kd 0.750), Pistachio Cheesecake (Kd 1.250) and the Lemon Cake. The Snickers was alright, but I’d prefer the 0.200 fils chocolate bar. The Lemon Cake with a light sugar coating was good. The Pistachio Cheesecake, I loved it! The rich balance of flavors were great and we would go back even if it was just for this dessert. Total Bill for two was around Kd 16.500.

Overall – Modern day street food classics use fresh, colorful and flavorful ingredients to bring their own brilliant twist to already popular dishes. Track their instagram to know about their latest creation.

You Can Check their Menu here..!

Timing 12:00pm-11:00pm

SATURDAY BRUNCH 9:30am-2:00pm

Tel: +965-22410211

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