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Applebee’s Review – Kuwait

Applebee’s Review – Kuwait

Applebee's Kuwait (3 of 11)The Avenues mall is growing to become an epicure’s paradise. Walk around any area of the mall and you will beApplebee's Kuwait (1 of 11) visually allured by restaurants serving fine food. Everything from popular franchise to casual diners to local brand restaurants can be found in this mall that stretches for at least a kilometer. Don’t fret, you can also find a restaurant for your occasion and budget.

Applebee’s, the neighborhood grill & bar is an American casual diner that has been serving tables and hearts since 1980. Located in the phase 2 food court next to Johnny Rockets, this place offers a decent setting for enjoying most occasions (but not a date night 😉 ). Their menu features an interesting collection of items and as part of the ‘Burger Hunt – search for the best burgers’, we simple had to try out this place.

The burger section featuring only 3 burgers did not deter me from including this in the list of places. As per the waiters suggestion I went for their most popular burger, the Cowboy Burger (Kd 3.500) which is a 7 Oz well-seasoned juicy patty topped with a load of crispy onion strings, melted white cheddar cheese and smoked beef bacon served with a bun toasted on the inside. The burger was served with fries or salad (we got the House Special Salad), coleslaw and garlic aioli dip.

Applebee's Kuwait (6 of 11)We also got the Chicken Fajita Rollup (Kd 3.250) which is a smokey chipotle chicken rolled in a flour tortilla with melted moterey jack and cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and pico de gallo. Served with Mexi-ranch dipping sauce and Caesars Salad. For drinks we shared a Mud Slide (Kd 1.900).

Big bad burgers don’t intimidate me in face they entice. The bigger, the better. I don’t worry about how much I’d have toApplebee's Kuwait (8 of 11) pull my jaws apart to get that first tantalizing bite. This is one place where the burger actually looked like its photo in the menu. Since I share my reviews I always have the burger the way it’s served and I don’t alter the dish. Unfortunately bbq sauce in burgers is not my thing. So I requested that the burger be split in two and I asked for the special sauce and a bbq sauce on the side and tried both the halves separately. The bread felt a bit firm, thick and dry. Not something I like. Other than my aching jaw muscles, the burger was delicious. The meat was well seasoned, juicy and flavorful. It was not too greasy. Though customer preference was not given regarding the doneness of the meat, think it was around medium well. The crispy onion rings was a good addition and over all the blend of flavors was great. Because of all the stuff that was sandwiched in between the buns, I’d say the bbq sauce was better. The only let down was the bun which began to crumble after the first few bites. I would think it was about a day old. Having said that, since this monster packs about 1250 calories I would not call this ‘value calories’.

The Chicken Fajita Rollup was very delicious. Despite the size, it did not feel heavy. In fact it seemed like a healthy choice (at least compared to the burger 😉 ). The Mud Slide is always our drink of choice whenever available. The best part of this whole experience was the service, it was exceptional!

Ratings – Ambiance – 6/10, Service – 9/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall – Lot of food for the money you pay… though not necessarily the best.

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