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Assaha Kuwait Review

Assaha Kuwait Review


Assaha (54 of 77)Lebanese cuisine is known and loved for its wonderfully rustic, simple ingredients and robust flavors.  Assaha is theAssaha (26 of 77) prodigy of the Assaha International group (AIP) and carries with it the real scent and taste of a traditional Lebanese village. It is the story of authentic Lebanese cuisine presented in a unique concept and setting. For more information and pictures on the place – CLICK HERE !

The food of the Middle East is, like the region itself, a complex network of interweaving cultures. You can read the same menu – of tabbouleh and fattoush and hummus – from one country to the next, but in each it is subtly, sometimes vastly, different. There’s little doubt, however, that there is an emphasis on fresh herbs and vegetables in Lebanese food, which lightens the whole proposition.

Lebanese cuisine is counted as a Mediterranean cuisine that is a hybrid of local, Ottoman, the areas of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, Persian and other cuisines from cultures that influenced the area through the centuries.  Its base ingredients include olive oil, garlic, onions, lots of greens, veggies and grains and of course a variety of seafood and meats!

Assaha (23 of 77)Situated by the Gulf road in Bneid Al-Ghar, the Assaha is conspicuous. You would see it even if you weren’tAssaha (14 of 77) looking for  this place. For those (like us) who have never been to Lebanon and living in this era, a stroll through this huge restaurant that hold enough seats to house a conservative marriage party, can take us on an imaginative trip to Lebanon set in an earlier period. Having seen the place before, in all honesty we were intimated by the place, presuming it would be priced for fine dining and guess we were looking for the right time, till we met a friend who had visited the place earlier. So, we headed for the most important meal of the day (breakfast) and joined few others feasting on their reasonably elaborate buffet.

Assaha (18 of 77)Like all Lebanese restaurants, they kept serving hot fresh bread. Four varieties of eggs were freshly prepared and served. A reasonable range of the region’s typical cooking including honey-drenched pastries, warm fluffy breads, few cold cuts, cheese and bright beautiful meze platters were offered. Though the traditional grilled meat was not served, everything from the silky hummous whipped up with tahini to the popular tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, vine leaves, labneh, sausage, falafel and fattoush, pita bread, mixed green salad… etc were good. For the accompanying dessert to wrap up our meal the station had a minimal choice of fresh fruits, um ali which was a tad bit sweet, honey drenched pastries, caramel, puddings and cheesecake.The cost of the breakfast buffet at Assaha is Kd 5, and this included all the fruit juices (loved the orange juice), hot drinks and even water. Combined with the excellent ambiance, good food and great service, this place is definitely worth the visit.

Ratings – Ambiance –  9/10, Service -8/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall – It’s the story of an authentic Lebanese village presented in a unique concept and setting. It’s a place you definitely have to visit.

.. you can check out the Pictures of this beautiful restaurant here

Location – Bneid Al Gar, Block 1, Street 83

Ph – 22533377 / 88

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