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Park Burger Kuwait – Review

In food, if there is one thing we can say without fear of contradiction is that ‘Kuwait Loves Burgers’. The food industry here is worth millions and it is not longer the McDonald’s and Burger King’s that define our idea of the perfect patty. Popularity of  the ‘dude food’ has unleashed a new wave of gourmet bun slingers who has turned this once humble sandwich into an object of reverence. The food geeks who used to obsess over the details of fine dining are now queueing to get into hip burger joints. Saw this place after a visit to Five Guys in...

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HealthyBar Kuwait – Review

  Eating healthy is always great, though it isn’t always an appetizing one. But fortunately this new kid on the block puts as much creativity into their lighter fare as they do to the decadent dishes. HealthyBar is the creative genius of two friends on a mission to change the image of  Kuwait ranking no 4 on the global obesity index. This place has something to please carnivores, vegans, and everyone in between. Their menu is quite elaborate and showcased everything from Italian pastas to Mexican burritos and Asian style tenderloin beef to a classic burger!  (… and my first thought was,...

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Taal (Indian) Restaurant Review

  TAAL RESTAURANT REVIEW The Indian fine dine restaurants are inspired by the exotic and regional tastes of India. They have distinctive culinary styles and exciting auras incorporating India’s strong culinary culture. It’s not really about the price, but more the ingredients, preparation techniques and values. Indian cuisine can be found everywhere in Kuwait, from shabby hole in the wall joints to fast-food, to restaurants modeled on retro Calcutta and casual chains to more illustrious aristocratic setups. While Taal may not model a Michelin star opulent aura, the colorful frills, adorning chandeliers and embroidered patterns places it well above the typical casual diner....

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Pasta Calcio Review

Pasta can be named as one of the world’s most comforting foods. For restaurateurs, pasta is a gift – popular, accessible, cheap and almost always satisfying. Whether its guised up for the Michelin plate or a simple jaded meal at a local fast food, rare is the person who doesn’t warm to its embrace. We live in an age where food is awed, cooking is idolized, chef’s are celebrities and gourmet as a word is known to even a pre-schooler. While there is always a niche for the fine-dine and authentic, the adulterated fast-food version of every food that speaks...

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Burger & Lobster Kuwait – Review

Burger & Lobster, is a Russian owned, UK based chain that was birthed by 4 school friends in Moscow drinking wine on a roof-top. They came up with the idea to set up a restaurant where the focus was perfecting the craft of just one or two main ingredients and in a small Irish pub in Mayfair the first Burger & Lobster was born. I remember dining at the Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia.  What amazed me apart from their ‘wall of fame’ displaying pictures of celebrities enjoying their steak, was that they had just two items on their menu. So I guess it is...

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B & B Navy Kuwait – Menu Card

B & B Navy is a unique American – Mexical collaboration that serve burgers and burittos. They even have a Camel Burger 🙂 Follow them on Instagram Location – Marina Mall Food Court on the First Floor Ph – 6003...

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Burger & Lobster – Kuwait Menu

In 2011 the story began with 4 school friends in Moscow drinking wine on a roof-top. They came up with the idea to set up a restaurant where the focus was perfecting the craft of just one or two main ingredients. In a small Irish pub in Mayfair the first Burger & Lobster was born. You Read our REVIEW of the Restaurant here… To know more you can check their Instagram account Location – The Avenues Phase 3, above Texas Road House Ph: 2220 0954 Working hours: 12:00pm – 11:00pm – Sat to Wed            ...

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Pasta Calcio – Menu Card

Pasta Calcio is a fast-food restaurant chain birthed in Kuwait. They stick to philosophy of keeping is small, yet pure and good. Based on the feedback we got they use high quality ingredients on all their dishes. You can Find our REVIEW of the restaurant here… To place an order on Talabat click here Locations The Promenade Mall, Hawally      2. 107 St,...

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Hazelnut House Review Kuwait

Hazelnut house joins the list of Kuwait’s pride ventures that have found it’s own following. Located in the KIPCO towers mezzanine floor, the interiors reflect a smooth blend between a more nautical and mid-century modern design. It has refined lines with a creative use of molded plastic and other modern materials in an industrial design yet maintaining a warm, relaxed and positive aura. It has a few table’s and can house a few chocoholics. It’s been a while since I gave into the temptation of any chocolate fantasy and it was never any malaise, rather a diet I was following that would...

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Where to Eat in Kuwait

Ironically the first thing that comes to our mind about things to do in Kuwait relates to food. Plans for family or friends that visit us from the USA, almost always revolves around food. The most relevant weekend plans always include some restaurant… and we complain about our waist line :)) !  Kuwait has slowly been gaining a reputation as a bastion of food innovation… and we don’t doubt that for a bit. We have been dining in some of Kuwait’s best-kept secrets for many years now, and we have to admit it’s quite an experience. This so-called food revolution...

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