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Big Smoke Burger Review Kuwait

Big Smoke Burger Review Kuwait


Big Smoke Burger Kuwait (17 of 17)A Burger is a thing of beauty, a messy manifestation of all things ‘umami’. We have been on this Burger Hunt for Big Smoke Burger Kuwait (5 of 17)sometime hogging our way through many restaurants that serve this simple food with elegance, respecting every ingredient and treating it with reverence. To my understanding, presently there are more than 90 places in Kuwait that serve burgers and while it’s almost impossible to review each one of them, the only thing stopping us from going into the ‘mission impossible’ mode is our waist line and fear of dependence of lipitor. Big Smoke Burger unlike many places that serve burgers as just one of the many items on their menu, setup house to exclusively craft and produce this baby with perfection and care. They are a Toronto based chain that began operations in November 2007 and by 2013 began expansion to Middle East. It’s location in ‘The Village’ next to Classic Burger certainly makes business challenging, reminding me of all the fights that make up the ‘Rocky’ series. Except in this case, its hard to say ‘who’s gonna win’!

Big Smoke Burger Kuwait (9 of 17)We had gone along with our friends for lunch. We got a Grilled Chicken Salad (Kd 2.850); PoutineBig Smoke Burger Kuwait (7 of 17) Large (Kd 2.500) which are large french fries topped with cheese and a warm beef gravy; the Spicy Burger (Kd 3.500) which includes caramelized onions, spicy chipotle sauce, lettuce and tomato; Big Smoke Burger (Kd 3.750) consisting of caramelized onions, smoke Canadian cheddar, horseradish sauce, lettuce and tomato; Chicken Burger (Kd 3.250) served with Ketchup, dijon mustard, mayo, onions, lettuce and tomato and a large water.

The beef burgers were part of their signature line. They pack a freshly ground chuck 6 Oz patty that is grilled to be juicy and tender, sheltered in a soft seeded bun. The patty was a bit shallow in flavor and seasoning. Though the price can be justified based on the quality of ingredients and inclusion of fries, the burger just wasn’t quite there. The fries, while seasoned to perfection and completely crispy, fell just a little short. Crispy on the outside, they lacked a little on Big Smoke Burger Kuwait (8 of 17)the interior and tasted nothing of a potato  😥 The Spicy burger had it’s chipotle sauce for the heat, though not dominant, faithfully played its part. The Poutine was a disappointment and most of the dish was left the way we got it. The grilled chicken salad is not worth the price tag. The Smoke House Burger, upon first bite, I knew I loved it, the seeded bun was lovely, toasted inside, it had a nice crust and was a perfect fit with the meat, just the right amount of bread to meat ratio. And it was juicy, very juicy, but unfortunately I couldn’t taste the sauce and honestly didn’t miss it too much. The beef was good, not great, could have been seasoned better and certainly not the quality expected. Overall, blaming the shallowness of the patty as a one time happening, I’d certainly give the burgers another chance. But not the salad and poutine, they are grounded!

You can Check out their Menu Card Here!

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Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service -7/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 6/10, Consistency – 6/10, Value for Money – 6/10

Overall – A single lackluster experience in what I still believe is a formidable opponent in the fight to serve, if not best, at least ‘great burgers’ in Kuwait.

Location & Timing – HWY 30, Divonne Place, unit #1,

Next to ‘The Village’ restaurant court in Abu Al Hassaniya

Tel: +965 960 06 676

Sunday to Saturday 12PM – 12AM


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