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Burger Boutique Black – Review

Burger Boutique Black – Review

Burger Boutique Black (4 of 26)It almost seems as though the Gastronomica group has been leading the dream of Kuwait becoming ‘the food capital of the world’. Though I don’t buy that even for a minute (as of 2016), I was just referencing a video that I recently came across.Burger Boutique Black (7 of 26) Nevertheless, this group has been gaining reputation as the bastion of food innovation with its own cult following. And I don’t doubt that a bit. We have enjoyed dining at their other restaurants and the experience has been consistently pleasurable. And now they have started, what I’d call their ‘luxury edition’ burger, ‘The Black’ with a new restaurant housing this theme.

Located at the Murooj-Sahara, this is certainly away from the madding crowd but we also noticed sprouting of some interesting restaurants in this beautiful locale. This restaurant is designed around the contemporary ‘black’ theme and was packed with seemingly satisfied patrons.

We were hungry and we wanted to sample almost everything on the menu, especially their acclaimed ‘The Black’. For starters we had ordered the Sriracha Honey Shrimps served with yuzu miso ranch (Kd 5), Maple Sticky Buffalo Shrimps served with ranch (Kd 4.500) and their popularBurger Boutique Black (16 of 26) Burger Boutique Black (14 of 26)Commando Fries (Kd 3). All the dishes were a delight. The magic in creating a dish lies in the balance of flavors and all three have hit the nail. For our burgers we tried the Sliders, Burgers and Signature series. The sliders were Midnight, Dynamite and Mushroom Swiss all were priced at Kd 2.500 each. From the Burgers we got the Classic (Kd 3.500), 2015 (Kd 4) and Bacon Swiss (Kd 4). The quality of any burger lies in the ingredients, especially the meat. While they use good quality meat in all their burgers, the combination of sauces and other ingredients greatly compliment the individual dishes. From the signature series we ordered The Black (KD 12), Heat Wave (Kd 6.500) and The Burger Boutique Black (21 of 26)Double (Kd 5). The Black houses black angus-dry aged beef, smoked mature cheddar, caramelized onions, arugula and aoli housed in a charcoal infused bun. I have to add that the difference in the quality Burger Boutique Black (24 of 26)of the meat can be appreciated with every bite. It’s more flavorful and juicy. The Heat Wave is a spicy burger and on this one they have slapped American cheese, cheddar, fire roasted jalapenos, parsley, garlic, lettuce, sriracha glazed bacon, Cajun onion strings, jalapeno tempura and chipotle west coast. This is one voluminous burger and despite the numerous elements the meat still stands out and the balance of flavors is excellent. We loved this! The Double was more on the lines of the usual classic combination of ingredients. For drinks we had The Black & Lychee and Thai Bird Chilli (Kd 2 each). I preferred the Lychee with its mild infuse of chilli.

Nine times out of ten, I don’t think twice about the burgers I eat. Once I’m done I move on to the next one and I’m more excited about the burger I have not consumed rather than relish the flavors of the one I’ve just had. Too often it’s because they are a bore; same ingredients, slapped on a well done patty where the flavor of the meat is redundant. The Black for obvious reasons (not factoring the price) without any fanfare takes the clichéd burger and transforms it ‘into a thing of beauty’ and joy to consume.

You can check out their menu here..!

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Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service -8/10, Menu – 9/10, Food – 9/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8.5/10

Overall – For those of you who searching for the ‘holy grail’ of burgers IN KUWAIT, I’d say (as of now) look no further!


You can find Burger Boutique-Black in the line of restaurants next to Ubon.

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