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Burger Co Kuwait Review

Burger Co Kuwait Review

Burger & Co Kuwait (1 of 9)As far as the Big fast food burger chains go (McDonald’s, Hardees, and Burger King) I have a clear hierarchy in myBurger & Co Kuwait (9 of 9) mind. Hardee’s wins by a mile for serving burgers that actually taste like burgers. McDonald’s has its own unique flavor profile that keeps it afloat and Burger King too have their own interesting options; Flame-broiled, smoky ..etc However, when you crave a real burger, these options won’t do.

Kuwait has literally seen an explosion in local concept and franchise restaurants that serve burgers. To me, some of these seem like the weird cousins of the fast food world. The irony is that they are all marketed the same way… certified premium angus beef !!

As with most time you actually look at your burger in real life and compare it to the beauty shots (pictures) and it gets a little disappointing.  Still, some of these burger joints are popular for a reason, and it’s because they do what no other major fast food chain tries to do: quality ingredients and bring the flavors of an all-American backyard cookout with a special twist on the choice of bread, special sauces and other condiments. Whereas the others just jump a few steps above the regular fast food kings.

The Burger Company I believe is a Kuwaiti concept restaurant. We first got a taste of their food during a special event in Marina Mall, where they had a food stall. Their Crispy Chicken mini burgers we have to say were outstanding and for months my wife just kept craving those calorie bombs!

Burger & Co Kuwait (8 of 9)Eventually, we found time to visit their restaurant and enjoy the ‘whole’ experience. We got there for lunch Burger & Co Kuwait (7 of 9)and the place being next to Royal Hayat Hospital, is pretty easy to find. To begin critiquing, I really wish their menu was more descriptive regarding the sauces used, patty size and difference between the listed burgers. With ‘no help’ from the guy taking our order, we decided to go with the Double Burger Kd 2.750, Crispy Chicken meal Kd 2.500, Onion Rings Kd 1 and drinks. The restaurant features a ‘free milkshake’ offer when you post pictures of your meal on instagram. We went with the Oreo Milkshake Kd 1.250.

The Double Burger was pretty simple with American cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce and saucy. No sauce was listed on the menu but I guess it is just our dear ketchup and mayo spread on a pillow soft white bread. How I wish they had potato bun, which as always is a great choice and this flavored bun has become a gold standard for my burgers. But here there is not much originality going on. The patty is nicely seasoned and has good juiciness, but minimal crust. It’s got some character, which I liked. Not funky or deep in flavor, but a leap above the average fast food burger. But I expected more!!

The Crispy Chicken wasn’t as crispy as we had it earlier. But I guess if they got it right (crispy perfect) earlier, they can get it right again. So I’ll just stay positive on this one. It was a simple no nonsense, crisp chicken burger, full of flavor and delicious. Though I’m not a chicken burger person, this I like. The Onion Rings had that crispy fried outside with a smooth inside. Not bad, but nothing great. I was glad that the Oreo milkshake was free. Too milky and other than the Oreo crisps, it was pretty ordinary.

You might say, ‘Its just a burger right?’, ‘Right’ I’d reply. But I totally don’t get it. You serve burgers in an exclusive standalone restaurant, and not that you need to reinvent the wheel, but why go through the trouble if you aren’t going to offer something new and interesting? I suppose for many, the classic straightforward meat, mayo and ketchup sandwiched in any bun might do. Despite my pretentious desires, though there is a market for simple burgers, I think an exclusive standalone burger joint should feature more options for the bread, more flavors on the meat (even burger king is striving for that…), different sauces and cheese etc. When the ocean is your playground, why swim when you can sail !!

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You can view their MENU HERE !

Ratings – Ambiance – 6/10, Service -4/10, Menu – 6/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall – I’ll just quote Robert Frost, ‘miles to go before (you) sleep..’

Address: Block 3A, Jabriya, next to Royal Hayat Hospital

Phone:2225 1555

Working Hours · 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

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