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The Burger Hunt

The Burger Hunt

...our search for the Best Burgers in Kuwait…

Burger-modelCouple of years ago, I would generally classify burgers under ‘simple foods’. Meat sandwiched with bread. ItCheesecake Factory Kuwait (17 of 24) was fast, easy and most of all cheap. Burger was something people could opt for when they were in a hurry and wanted to be frugal. However, the food industry has literally revolutionarized  this simple food and it has found its niche in the gourmet world. A good burger is a thing of beauty, a satisfying, messy manifestation of all things umami: fine beef, sticky cheese, moist bread, tomatoes: , both fresh and in ketchup, all ready to be loaded up with your heart’s content of bacon, relish, salad, pickles, chilli … there are few things culinary that can be relied on to do their job as effectively. But then again, even the usual Hardees, Burger King or Mcdonald burger, isn’t going to disappoint its legion of fans. They know what they want and they can get it, cheap, filling and importantly consistent, time after time. It is a perfect package, an unimprovable piece of design !!.

Kuwait has in the recent years introduced into its market a variety of exclusive burger ‘boutiques’ that has treated his dish with a lot of respect. They have paid considerable attention to the quality of meat, we now have have choices of bun, sides and most importantly we can choose how we’d like our meat cooked (medium well, well done etc). Most of the premium joints boast about the quality of the ingredients and few of the words commonly used are, organic, grass-fed, fresh etc.. We have tried  places.. and while new places keep springing up.. we’ve tried those and have sometimes gone back to the older places. Thought its time to review all the places and give our verdict.

We evaluated the burgers based on the Beef, Seasoning, Sear, Preparation, Cheese, Bun, Meat to Bun ratio, fries/sides and value.

(the list is being updated…)

Slider Station …. Applebee's Kuwait (7 of 11)Smash Burger ….  Elevation Burger …. Rib Eye …. Burger Boutique Texas Road House Kuwait (14 of 22)Cheesecake Factory... Big Smoke …. Johnny Rockets … Meat & Co… Junkyard BurgerMustard Burger… Chilis Mini’s… I Hop... Classic Burger … Burger Co … Mooyah Burger … Mustard Burger … Ridley’s Burger … Shake Shack …Burger Hub … Buffalo’s … Square Burger …TGIF … BurgerFuelApplebee’s …Fudrukker’s …Fatburger …Texas Road House … Gaucho Grill … Eighty Six … Five Guys … The Burger joint5 Napkin Burger

  • Weight mentioned is that of a single patty
  • All Prices in Bold is that of a single patty
  • Variants – Certain restaurants like Burgerfuel serve burgers with avocado, mango, beetroot … or Classic Burger and Slider Station which serve the ‘juicy lucy’ (patty filled with cheese) or Burger Boutique which have their signature line of burgers. These restaurants and few others offer more flavor profiles than the standard with cheese, lettuce, mushrooms etc..


RESTAURANTSBread ChoicesMeatPatty WeightBurger Flavor ProfilesSides InclCust. Pref for Doneness Price Range (KD)RatingPhone Number
1. Classic BurgerWhite, BrownPrime Grain Angus5.99 OzVariantsNoNo3.250 – 44.5 22283666
2. Slider StationBriocheAngus, Wagyu7 OzVariantsYesCustomer Preference3.550 – 124.5 22465047

1pm – 11pm

3. Texas Road HouseWhiteAngus Certified8 OzNoYesMedium Well but Preference Given 3.950 – 4.7504 22283117


4. Elevation BurgerPotatoOrganic Grass Fed3.22 OzStandardNoNo1.850 – 2.7503.5 22263190, 22270210


5. Cheesecake FactoryWhiteAngus Certified3 Oz – 11 OzStandardYesMedium Well but Preference Given4.500 – 53.5 2228 3064
6. Gaucho GrillWhitePremium Grass Fed7.05 OzYesCustomer Preference5.25022214768
7.Johnny RocketsPotato, Chipotle Brioche, White, Honey Wheat100% Certified Angus, Wagyu5.33 OzStandardNoNo2.400 – 3.8503.5
8. Dean & DelucaWhiteCertified Angus7 OzStandardYesMedium Well but No Pref.5.9503
9. Big Smoke BurgerWhiteOntario AAA Beef6 OzVariantsNoNo2.850 – 4.7003.5 22495372
RESTAURANTSBreadMeatPatty WeightBurger Flavor ProfilesSidesCust. Pref for Doneness Price RangeRatingHome Delivery
11. Mooyah Burger
12. Shake ShackPotato100% Certified Angus4 OzStandardNoMedium Well2 – 4.2003 25740603


13. Burger boutique Potato Certified Angus 6Oz Variants No Well done 4 22997775


14. Smash Burger Egg 100% Certified Angus 7 Oz Standard No No 1.900 – 2.200 3 50298884


15. Junkyard BurgerWhiteBrisket5.29 OzStandardNoCustomer Preference2.150 – 2.9503.5 22270292


16. Burger CoWhiteAngus Beef StandardNoNo 2.8 22251555


17. BurgerfuelWhiteOrganic Grass Fed5.33 OzVariantsNoNo2.600 – 3.5004 22253150, 22284840
18. I-HopButter100% Certified Angus8 OzStandardYesCooked Well Done3.250 – 3.5503.5 22283112, 22214862
19. ApplebeesWhiteAngus beef7 OzStandardYesPink or No Pink2.400 – 3.5003.5 1844466
20. Burger Boutique BlackPotato, Charcoal infused (black)Angus beef7 OzVariantsYesPink or No Pink2.400 – 124
21. 5 Napkin BurgerBrioche BunAngus beef10 OzVariantsYesCustomer Preference3.000 – 3.5004
22. Five GuysWhite Premium Beef6 OzStandardYesNo preference2.400 – 3.5003.5 22273605
23. BGR – The Burger JointWhite Certified Angus8 OzStandardNoCustomer  preference3.400 – 3.5004


  1. Philip

    Excellent review and website

  2. Aby

    Thanks for the response. We are trying to include as many restaurants as we can to the comparison.

  3. Mohammed

    Very nice comparing. You have not listed ‘Square Burger’ in the list. Try include more places

  4. J

    Great work. Like the write up and comparisons. However wish you could add more restaurants.
    Keep the excellent job going


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