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Burger & Lobster Kuwait – Review

Burger & Lobster Kuwait – Review

Burger & Lobster KuwaitBurger & Lobster, is a Russian owned, UK based chain that was birthed by 4 Burger & Lobster Kuwaitschool friends in Moscow drinking wine on a roof-top. They came up with the idea to set up a restaurant where the focus was perfecting the craft of just one or two main ingredients and in a small Irish pub in Mayfair the first Burger & Lobster was born. I remember dining at the Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia.  What amazed me apart from their ‘wall of fame’ displaying pictures of celebrities enjoying their steak, was that they had just two items on their menu. So I guess it is a captivating formula when a restaurant limits itself to basically two items on their menu it makes them both charismatic and masters of the craft.  Their name is pretty self explanatory, they only serve ‘Burger & Lobster’. In Kuwait the menu has been slightly tweaked, and they have thrown in a Kuwaiti Burger (basic difference is just the bun – brioche bun).

Burger & Lobster KuwaitThe restaurant in located at what I think is a prime spot at the Burger & Lobster KuwaitAvenues, on the first floor above Texas Road House. It has an attractively designed pub feel to it and a visit to the restaurant also mandates a peep into their prided Lobster show case museum. They have what they call their ‘big-boys’, 3.6Kg lobster that lived well, brawled, mated and grown fat, now awaits it’s demise with it’s claws tied shut under an imaginary sign that reads ‘let’s take a selfie!’ After all, it’s not everyday (in Kuwait) you get to see a mammoth lobster and a tank of live lobsters should get anyone psyched for dinner.

Burger & Lobster KuwaitWe began our meal with the Lobster Bisque (Kd 3) which is a smooth creamy, well seasoned and intensely flavored strained lobster broth with lobster chunks. We also got their popular Lobster Roll (Kd 8), Spicy Slider (Kd 6) and Lemon Lime Margarita (Kd 1.950).  The Lobster Roll is made of steam / grilled chopped up lobster chilled with Japanese Mayonnaise and stuffed into generously buttered, airy toasted bread. The lobster rolls hold decent portions (5 – 6 oz) of  claw and tail meat that is cooked perfectly. The dish is served with salad and fries. TheBurger & Lobster Kuwait balsamic dressing on the salad served as a nice balance with the tangy sauce served with the roll. The Spicy Slider came garnished with bacon that toped medium well cooked (done to customer preference) burger meat spiced with spicy mayo. The dish came with 2 sliders and salad.

Burger & Lobster runs with the similar efficiency of distinctly American-style large fast-casual chains such as TGI Fridays. Servers are friendly, chill and above all, fast. Drinks arrive fast and food arrives reasonably quick. The Lobster rolls comes at the good value factoring the price of lobsters. You end up spending Kd 20 for two (which is not cheap) but factoring the meal, it’s not bad. But the Sliders valued at Kd 6 is not the best value.


Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service – 8/10, Menu – 8/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall –Burger & Lobster is essentially luxe fast food that brings the large marine crustacean dressed in various attire at a decent price. However, I wouldn’t go there for the burger

To know more you can check their Instagram account

Location – The Avenues Phase 3, above Texas Road House
Working hours: 12:00pm – 11:00pm – Sat to Wed
                               12:00pm – 11:30pm – Thur to Fri

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