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Caribbean Hut, Kuwait

Caribbean Hut, Kuwait

Carribbeab Hut (5 of 14)The Caribbean Hut is a small ‘son and pop’ restaurant located in Abu Halifa run by a PCarribbeab Hut (8 of 14)uerto Rican chef and his dad. We received their menu card a few months ago and we couldn’t wait to try it out…! This being a unique cuisine served in Kuwait, we were expecting it to be in a more upscale locality, but to keep the cuisine experience affordable and to cater to all social classes, they have setup their shop here. Regardless, the place was pretty easy to find and we got there right about the time they were opening up – 3 pm. We were greeted with a friendly smile and were even offered WiFi connectivity 😉

The menu was not too elaborate but it had brief descriptions of the dishes. Almost everything on the menu was Greek to us but the chef’s father offered us a lot of help with what to order. He even told us the legend behind one of the dishes we had ordered. Unfortunately, the day we visited not every dish on the menu was available. For starters we ordered the; Bacalaitos (Cod fish fritters) Cod fish shredded and mixed with chopped peppers, onions, garlic and then fried in a batter Kd 0.500, main courses were Bistec Encebolado (steak and onions) sauteed beef fillet with onions served with white rice Kd 2.500Trinidadian Chicken curry served with white rice Kd 1.750 and Ropa Vieja (Cuban beef stew) mashed fried plantains served with sauteed sea food mix and seasoned with Caribbean spices Kd 2.000. For dessert we got the Tembleque – kind of like a custard made with coconut milk, sugar and cinnamon Kd 0.750.

Carribbeab Hut (10 of 14)The one thing that’s guaranteed is the authenticity of their dishes. The portions were good and the chef takes special care to plate each dish well. All the dishes were nice but the ‘Cuban beef stew – Ropa Veija’ was the dish of the day and is highly recommended. We’d definitely go back for more Ropa Veija!! Our total bill for two: Kd 7.800, and we still had plenty of food left over to take home.

During our meal we had the pleasure of chatting with the chef’s father, who made us feel right at home. Overall, the experience was a delight. Not only because of the yummy food, but also because of the friendly service.

To view their MENU CARD CLICK HERE !

You can check out their website –

Ratings – Ambiance – 5/10, Service -7/10, Menu – 6/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 9/10

Overall – Definitely a restaurant to visit, especially if you like to try out various cuisines.  

Location – Hours of Operation – Tuesday to Sunday 3 pm – 11 pm (closed on Monday)

Block 2, Street 16, Building 70, Abu Halifa.

ph – 55713750, 55715670

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