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Cheesecake Factory Review – Kuwait

Cheesecake Factory Review – Kuwait



My first dining experience at the Cheesecake factory was in 2010 during our trip to the USA. The unique architecture and the pleasant mood set by the warm and dimly lit interiors add to tCheesecake Factory Kuwait (1 of 24)he experience. Apart from this what caught my attention was the size and range of the Cheesecakes (after all I’m not a glutton, I’m just an explorer of food 😉 ).

Cheesecake Factory Kuwait (5 of 24)

Located at the prime spot in Avenues phase 3, you have to be blind not to notice this place. From kids to grandmothers, from gluttons to dieters, I believe everyone should find something they would want on the mammoth 20+ page menu card. Though they haven’t included any pictures of the dishes, as with most places, you will find a brief description of the dish.

In USCheesecake Factory Kuwait (8 of 24)A the Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp was a standard order for us. However, since our single experience of the dish in Kuwait was not equally pleasurable, we removed that from our list. For the appetizer we got the Crispy Cuban Rolls (Kd 3.000) which are crispy fried wrappers filled with slow roasted beef, turkey ham, melted Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. These delectable reasonably sized devils were definitelyCheesecake Factory Kuwait (15 of 24) not low-cal or low-fat, but they were certainly delish and worth the calories; something I like to call ‘value calories’ (did I mention about my desire to diet..??!). For my entrée I went all out and got their mammoth Classic Burger (Kd 5.000). This is a 11oz (as opposed to the usual 6oz), gigantic chop house burger wrapped in cheese served with a thick slice of grilled onion, lettuce and tomato sandwiched in a toasted bun. For sides you have a choice of fries or salad. I decided to save a few calories where I could and went for the salad. My wife ordered the Renee’s Special (Kd 5.000) which includes a roasted turkey sandwich, soup of the day and a caesar salad. We got a bottle of water and an unlimited refill of Mango Lemonade Kd 1.500. The mango lemonade was a nicely balanced drink.

The Classic Burger was pretty good (especially in terms of portion). I ordered my burger medium well. While the meat was tender and juicy it did not have any notable charbroiled or smoky flavor. It was just a juicy chunk of meat sandwiched in a toasted bun that was firm enough to hold the meat. The grilled onion really added some bite to the burger. This was definitely not the best burger I’ve had in terms of taste. Nevertheless, ICheesecake Factory Kuwait (16 of 24) wasn’t too disappointed either.

Cheesecake Factory Kuwait (24 of 24)After the heavy main course, we thought of going light on the dessert. They have about 3 dozen varieties but we decided to share their popular Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake (Kd 2.750). We always have their cheesecakes without the whip cream. Other than the bland plating, I’ve got nothing to complain about. The cake is a definite winner and scores a perfect 10/10. Creamy and silky, this cheesecake slice was accompanied by three oversized strawberries covered in red strawberry goo.

Total Bill was kd 19.750. (having eaten so much, we could barely carry ourselves out of the restaurant)

While we haven’t tried many of the items on their menu, we loved the ones we had. To name some; Hibachi steak, Chicken madeira, Chicken marsala & mushrooms, Bang bang chicken & shrimp… etc.  To sum up, the Cheesecake factory  is known for delivering ‘your money’s worth’, with ‘gigantic portions’ of ‘enjoyable’ American grub. Make sure you leave room for ‘addictive’ cheesecakes galore!

You can check out their MENU HERE…

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Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service -8/10, Menu – 9/10, Food – 9/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall –The Cheesecake factory  is known for delivering ‘your money’s worth’, with ‘gigantic portions’ of ‘enjoyable’ American grub !


  1. Sofia

    Hello I’m from India I want to ordered a choclate cake for my friend who stay in shuwaikh Kuwait can you tell me the details of the cake and cost.

    • Blessed with Bread

      Hey Sofia.. apologies for the delayed response. Im sure your friend would have enjoyed the cake by now. Unfortunately the site a basically a blog that reviews restaurants in Kuwait. We don’t have any affiliations with restaurants. Bon Apetit


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