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Classic Burger Kuwait

Classic Burger Kuwait

Classic Burger Kuwait (1 of 1)Excellent burgers are hard to come by. Sure you can have a chunk of meat sandwiched between breadClassic Burger Kuwait (3 of 22) accompanied with the usual condiments and an oversized spear of pickle for a budget value. While this has its own arena, right now it’s not of precedence. We are on a quest for quality and almost all of the ‘above average’ burger joints have their usual clichés about the quality of their food served and Classic Burger does the same…..

their claims.. ‘flame grilled with passion, Classic burger joint serves burgers that cook up a gourmet storm. We only serve real burger and their authentic sides…..’.

I’m always wary of such proclamations and try to avoid the bias that creeps in because of the hype machine. But how good can a Lebanese birthed burger joint really be? (cause after all burgers are supposed to American, right?). I’ve eaten my way through a great (and uncomfortable) amount of burgers over the years. Many have wowed, some have disappointed and most have been just fine and dandy.

So, on a weekday morning, as part of out Burger Hunt, we decide to brunch out at their ‘Village’ branch. The restaurant has a casual Classic Burger Kuwait (4 of 22) theme, with a strong touch of bright yellow to it. I love their simple menu which offers a decent array of choices. The service was friendly. We decided to go for The Original Juicy Lucy (Kd 4.000) and the Classic Cheese Burger (Kd 3.500). All their burgers are accompanied with fries and coleslaw. As I write this post, I can’t think of any other burger joint that specifies the weight of their patty on the menu. We’ve always had to ask for it and confusion was the usual response. Its really good that they are very specific regarding the most important ingredient that makes a burger. They serve a 5.9 Oz patty in their burgers.

Both the burgers were very similar except that The Original Juicy Lucy was a 180gm patty loaded with cheddar cheese onClassic Burger Kuwait (13 of 22) the inside along with the usual lettuce, tomato, pickles and deli sauce. The explosive burst of the cheese with every bite is wild and messy. The decently sized bun was toasted on the inside and was soft. The burger meat was succulent and the charbroiled flavor was indisputable. The fries were crispy outside but retained a soft and delicious inside.

The only low point in this experience is the price tag. But then quality always comes with a price. This place may not serve the flashiest burger, not a lot of bells and whistles, but the flavor is there and just like all good burgers they have presently reserved their spot in our ‘Kuwait burgers hall of fame’. Marketed as ‘premium and authentic’, the quality of the meat does stand out and has a nice supporting cast in the surprise of the ‘cheddar cheese loaded Juicy Lucy’. Burgers are generally not considered as ‘fine dine’ foods and eating can get messy. After all they are a messy manifestation of all things Umami !!

You can Check out their MENU HERE !

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Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service -7/10, Menu – 8/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall – Don’t let the casual look of the restaurant, fool you on the product ‘quality’ and ‘price’ !


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