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Copper Chimney Restaurant Kuwait – Review

Copper Chimney Restaurant Kuwait – Review

Copper Chimney (14 of 14)Strange but true, many if not most restaurants are restricted to formula driven mediocrity, both in cuisine andCopper Chimney (10 of 14) presentation. Driven by the purse rather than the passion to serve authentic cuisine, restaurants compromise, feeding the belly and disregarding the heart. We heard about this place through a friend who was frantically waving a white flag excited about his experience. Copper Chimney had its humble beginnings at Mumbai in 1972, a concept restaurant fueled by Bollywood film maker Mr. Jagdish Kapur has now spread across the nation with branches in about 8 cities and International too. With the restaurants roots deep into the Indian heritage, this place could be the culinary landmark for North Indian cuisine in Kuwait,… or so we thought…!!

Tucked in the souk area of the Avenues Mall, you just have to be familiar with the architectural maze to get to this place. Dressed with rustic, earthy interiors the restaurant reflects a contemporary, yet relaxed and cozy ambiance. It showcases a glassed kitchen and an accent wall displaying hand beaten metal pieces, mirroring the ‘copper’ theme. Their picturesque elegantly designed menu hosts a decent array of popular North Indian dishes with brief descriptions, nothing out of the box. During first time visits, we try not to get too adventurous or excited, we generally stick to minimum and familiar. We ordered the Murg Makhani (Kd 4.600) which are boneless pieces of tandoor grilled chicken in a rich tomato gravy , the Parda Copper Chimney (8 of 14)Gosht Biriyani (Kd 5.600) is a pastry sealed pot of saffron rice and lamb cooked in ‘Dum Pukht'(or slow oven cooked) style , Lachcha Paratha (kd 0.650), Butter Naan (Kd 0.650) and drinks. For the dessert we got the Malai Kulfi (Kd 1.750). 

Other than the diet size portions and scanty pieces of chicken, the Murg Makhani had a gravy that was silky smooth andCopper Chimney (11 of 14) richly flavored. The boneless chicken pieces imbibed the intense grilled flavor which is lacking in many restaurants. The biriyani was nothing great, the pieces of lamb were delicate, tender and intense in flavor. Selfish of the lamb to have kept all the flavor to it self without passing it onto the rice 🙂 . Overall, it was nothing great for the price. Almost double that of usual restaurants. The crusty pieces of the Indian breads, did not really leave an impression or longing for more. The Kulfi, we loved it! Thick, and creamy, drizzled with a strawberry dressing we almost gobbled up the serving glass.

Copper Chimney (6 of 14)If my memory serves me right, I really don’t remember listening to any soft Indian ghazal or any music to enhance the overall dining experience. While the food was just as I explained earlier, I have to mention that the service was great. The staff was friendly and more important knowledgeable in the cuisine they served. Factoring the competition out there, the prices I think are pretty high and not really value for money.


Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service -8/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 5/10

Overall –  A fine dining restaurant, with deep cultural heritage that apparently specializes in North Indian cuisine where the prices do not meet the expectations!

You can check out their Menu Card here

For more info you can check their web site :


Beside Rasha Shiik, Restaurant No 12, 25, Kuwait
Phone: 22263114

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