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Dean & Deluca Kuwait Review

Dean & Deluca Kuwait Review

Dean and Deluca (6 of 18)‘Jack of All… Master of None’, is a common figure of speech to describe a person talented in diverse trades. Dean and Deluca (1 of 18)While this can be considered as a compliment when applied to individuals, I’m not sure what to think when applied to a restaurant that offers a sample of almost every popular cuisine. Dean & Deluca located in a prominent locale of Avenues phase 2 has paired the food market and restaurant. A good place to splurge and a one stop-shop to celebrate food and experience all of the pleasures that cooking and eating can bring. The restaurant is a fancy spin-off from the usual eateries and prides in serving ‘gourmet’ food. While certainly not a ‘fine-dine’, the food comes at a decent cost, where you pay more for the quality of the food rather than ambiance.

Dean and Deluca (9 of 18)We had gone there on a weekend at about 2pm and as usual, it was crowded. Fortunately, a table for two rarely mandates waiting and we were swiftly guided to our spot at the non-smoking section (inside).  If you are ever in doubt as to your preferred cuisine, this is a place you should consider. They have everything from East to West, but just enough to sample a taste of quality. I like a menu that includes pictures of the dishes, and this one does it with elegance. However, I wish they had more items on their menu for every cuisine.Dean and Deluca (5 of 18)

The staff was cordial and well versed with the menu. We ordered a Warm Crispy Chicken Salad (Kd 4.500) which contained pieces of crispy fried chicken, greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & carrots drizzled with a sweet chili honey mustard dressing. The greens were fresh and while the dressing was not over powering, it certainly added a delectable flavor. For the main course we got the Classic Beef Burger (Kd 5.950) which had an 8oz premium meat juicy patty. We took the condiments on the side.  The burger was not too Dean and Deluca (13 of 18)alluring I have to admit. While the patty tasted premium and we could appreciate the flavor of the meat, the dijon mustard was too pungent. I was rather surprised with the inclusion. Wish they had included mayo to offset the mustard. The bread was soft and the meat-bun ratio was balanced. Overall, the burger did not reach expectations and factoring the price point it was a disappointment. However, I’ll give them the benefit of doubt because we got the condiments on the side. The Wood Fired Baked Chicken (Kd 4.950) was a middle eastern dish. An intensely flavDean and Deluca (15 of 18)ored rich dish that contained juicy chunks of chicken married with potato, tomato and chili paste.  We loved the richness and flavor of the dish. The chicken was juicy and succulent, cooked perfect. Loved the dish! We topped the food with one of the best desserts we have had so far. The Pistachio Dark Cherry Cake (Kd 2.250) and Carrot Cake (Kd 1.950). The marriage between pistachio and dark cherry was not something we have seen before. The intense flavors of the ingredients were pronounced and perfect. The Carrot Cake too was exquisitely delectable. Total Bill Kd 21.350 for two. (Don’t be alarmed by the bill because we were bit indulgent)

Fine food from around the world, generous portions prepared with choice ingredients and served within a well-ventilated, simplistically designed space housing exquisite food choices to please our senses to heights of gourmet delights.

Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service -8/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall –  A paradise for food bon vivant !

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Ph – +965 22242224

Location – Avenues Phase 11, ground floor, below the Food Court.

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