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Dogmatic Kuwait – Review

Dogmatic Kuwait – Review

Dogmatic (5 of 10)The hot dog is the quintessential summer food: cheap, tasty, great for grills and forgiving of even the mostDogmatic (10 of 10) inexperienced backyard cooks. This ‘simple working class street food’ is said to have had it’s origins in Germany and its mention has been made as early as 1487. Fast forward… 2015.. and we have the first hot dog restaurant in Kuwait. Moving away from its simple traditional roots the one here is ‘gourmet’, meaning its not just a hot dog stuffed in a bun slapped with sauces but crafted with care set to cater to the connoisseurs !!

The restaurant has an interesting casual decor and a whole wall paying tribute to celebrities and street vendors. The service was quick and friendly. Their menu holds choices interesting enough to excite the glutton is us to keep going back for more. They have briefly classified the varieties into ‘The Classics’ – traditional all American Hot dogs, ‘Los Barbudos’ – the radical insurgents (South American flavors) & ‘The Aristocrats’ – rich and refined. I loved the fact that they have adapted many popular dishes as hot dog. For our first visit we decided to stick to the classic flavors and as suggested by our friendly hostess, we went  with the popular Killer Bacon Cheese (Kd 2.950) which was a Butter grilled dog topped with BBQ, mayo, melted cheddar cheese, wrapped in premium American beef bacon. Served in a potato bun. The All American Classic (Kd 2.350) was a Flame grilled dog soaked in a ketchup-mustard combo with relish & chopped onions. Served on a plain bun. Loaded Fries Basket (Kd 1.900) contained crispy waffle chips, potato dumplings, French fries & onion rings topped with cheese & our special sweet chilli sauce. and drinks.

Dogmatic (7 of 10)Both the buns were light, yet firm enough to hold everything together. Loved the outer crust on the bunDogmatic (6 of 10). Hot dogs are generally taboo for many cause it brings the realization that you’re eating questionable animal parts that have been ground up and stuffed into a tube that’s either a) made of intestines or b) fake intestines. We know the proposition of eating a lesser-than good meat hot dog is a risky one, running the danger of eating something that’s filled with (arguably) cancer-causing nitrites or ingredients you can’t exactly identify. Therefore, please do note that here the hot dogs (as mentioned on their menu) are made from Black Angus meat… and are imported (which probably justifies the pricing?!?).

On my first glance the Killer Bacon Cheese seemed like the more delectable alternative to an all American Classic, but I was not completely right. I liked the All American Classic. While the hot dogs were rich beefy, juicy and less salty, I missed the smokey flavor especially on the KBC.  The Loaded Fries basket is a value addition and of the bunch, our favorite was the potato dumplings. While the dogs are not really chubby, on a price perspective I really would not compare them to the American street vendor hot dogs, simply because of the quality ingredients used. Everything from the bread to the meat is more premium. My wife loves mexican flavors and we will certainly visit this place again to try out the ‘Los Barbudos’.

Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service -7/10, Menu – 8/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall –   A good place for hot dog lovers, that hosts interesting menu options.

You can check out their Menu Card here

For more info you can check their web site :

Ph – 1827700.


Salem Al-Mubarak St.
at The Cube Mall
Salmiya, Kuwait


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