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Doner Saray Review Kuwait

Doner Saray Review Kuwait

Doner Saray KuwaitKuwait is growing to become an epicure’s paradise. There has been a splurge of International franchise restaurants and the locals are contributing to the food revolution in an ingenious way by bringing in their own creative twist to the popular regional foods. I think Slice began the trend in serving the locals with Doner Kebabs with a few others following. To add to this already growing list the B&S restaurant management and catering company (the same group that bought us Mooyah) started the Doner SarayDoner Saray (22 of 23). Saray or seray in Persian means ‘palace’ and we have to admit, the quality of the food reflects this name.

Other than the array of sauces and the choice of breads (Saj, Turkish and Pita) offered, what gives this place the edge is that they procure their meat from TURKEY (yes you read it right !)… all the way from Turkey 😉 Even the fine dine Turkish restaurant Emirgan Suitis (the last time I visited) used meat from AustraliaTaksim Doner Beef or USA. Only their dairy was procured from Turkey. Anyways this review is not about bashing other restaurants. Guess, the excitement (with Turkish meat) got the better of me.

Doner is a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. It’s usually lamb but you could also find beef or chicken. At DonerBebek Doner Beef Saray both the meat and chicken is from Turkey. They also procure this Turkish bread from Turkey. Their restaurant, I would say is not located in the choicest of locations in terms of accessibility and publicity. But then again its not that hard to find. Their menu is pretty simple to follow (though I wish it had a few images). You can either go for their signature varieties or make your own donor with the choice of sauces.

Taksim Doner BeefWe went with the popular Taksim Doner Beef (Kd 1.750) with the Turkish bread, the Bebek Doner Beef (Kd 1.750) with Saj bread and the Doner Box with Beef (Kd 2.250).  The Taksim Doner had a yogurt, tomato, parsley onion and sumac served along with the meat. While I was able the appreciate the flavor in the meat, this combo I thought lacked the punch. The Bebek doner, got me singing 🙂 with its pomegranate, tahina and cabbage. The meat here is not crispy thin as in some places but the shavings are juicy and tender so as make every bite delectable. The portions are weighed carefully and will leave you full. The fries are extra ! To our assessment this is presently the best Doner place in Kuwait. Their lineup of sauces (pomegranate, saray special, egg plant, yogurt thyme etc..) adds to reason for making this our choicest place for Doner. FYI whatever doner you order, you can always ask for the sauces (at no extra charge).

You can check their menu and location here

Ph- 24914048, 24914047, 98868768

Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service -7/10, Menu – 8/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall –  Presently the ‘seray’ for Doner’s in Kuwait

Location – First floor, Kaifan mall next to Kaifan Co-operative

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