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Emirgan Sutis (Turkish Restaurant)

Emirgan Sutis (Turkish Restaurant)

Emgran Suitis (5 of 13)When we speak to people who have visited Turkey, one thing that everyone commonly raves about is the food. They describe Turkish cuisine as a fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and the Balkan cuisines. Heard about this slightly upscale Turkish restaurant that had opened in the Avenues (Kuwait) and we have been waiting to try it out. Everyone knows that people are generally impatient when hungry, we had gone there twice earlier but because of the long wait, never got the chance. As surely as the sun would shine, we knew our day would come…and it finally did ;).Menu-WEB

The great thing was that because it was a weekday, we did not have to wait for our table. I was not sure If the host was happy to see us there… he sure would look better with a smile. However, the waiters more than made up for that. The menu had lots of pictures and was quite explanatory. The waiters were pretty helpful with the menu too. We decided to keep it straight and simple since it was our first time. We had ordered..

a. Braised Beef in Pita Bread – Kd 2.750   b. Iskender Kebab – Kd 3.750   c. Grilled Lamb Chops – Kd 4.650  d. Kazandibi (Dessert) – Kd 2.450  e. Small Water – Kd 0.900    f. Turkish Coffee – Kd 0.950.    –

     Total Bill – Kd 16 (for 2 people :()     

Emgran Suitis (8 of 13)I believe the quality of the food is very good. Unfortunately, the meat is not from Turkey, rather its Australian meat they use.The Lamb chops were prepared medium well and was tender,  juicy and had a nice flavor. It is highly recommended.  The Iskender Kebab was good (though I would not say the meat was really tender) and I also liked the sauce. I loved the braised beef in pita bread. They also had the option of sausages with pita bread..(in which case the cost would vary). The milk used to make the desserts is from Turkey. The dessert was made from buffalo’s and cow’s milk. It was perfectly sweet and really nice.

Though the restaurant is a tad pricey, I believe the quality of the food is good.

Location – Souq area of the Grand Avenues

Ratings – Ambiance – 8/10, Service – 7/10, Menu – 8/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall – Could go back again… (I really wish they had served meat from Turkey ) 

Location & Phone – Avenues phase 3 Souk area, 965-22200720

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