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Five Guys Kuwait – Review

Five Guys Kuwait – Review

Five Guys Kuwait (14 of 14)I’ve heard that ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’, when it comes to food … it’s a burger! A burger is aFive Guys Kuwait (11 of 14) messy manifestation of all things umami. Sweet and savory, gourmet or fast-food, this combination of meat sandwiched in bread and garnished with simple or exotic ingredients will always have its loyal fan following.  Five Guys, a 30 plus year old  DC based chain, which began franchising in 2002, has developed a cult following for its juicy, greasy burgers and friendly service.  Their claims;

  • There are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys.
  • We use only fresh ground beef.
  • There are no freezers in Five Guys locations, just coolers. Nothing is ever frozen.
  • We use only Peanut oil.

Well, if you decide to enjoy five guys, just make sure to carry your Epiphen if you are allergic to peanuts or you could also walk out of the restaurant looking like Shrek! 😉 Now that I’ve warned you about peanuts and 5 guys, let me get straight to the review. We visit Five guys every time we travel to the USA, and it has never been disappointing. When we heard that it was coming to Kuwait, I felt like a father waiting for his prodigal son (ps dont take it literally). My only response was, ‘what took you so long?’ In fact it opened its doors when we were on vacation, and the next day after we returned we walked straight in…

Five Guys Kuwait (9 of 14)The place looks like a typical no frills casual dining American burger joint. We ordered a Cheeseburger (Kd 3.400), Hamburger (Kd 2.900), reg Five Guys Style Fries (Kd 1.750) with Cajun on the side,  a Salted Caramel (Kd 2) and Strawberry Shake (Kd 2), Total bill for 2 was Kd 11.650.

After a brief wait, our food came in a brown bag. No option for trays or plates. The order is served to-go styleFive Guys Kuwait (6 of 14) and that’s not a choice. The burger is actually decent sized, arrives sloppy and if one asks for it ‘all the way’, oozing with mayo, ketchup, mustard, grilled mushroom, pickle, grilled onions and everything else. The meat is standard, the only difference is that the Cheeseburger comes with two patties and cheese compared to the single patty hamburger. I took the first bite and it was every bit as good as I hoped. Juicy, moist, greasy and messy as a burger should be. The shakes were thick and good. The fries didn’t disappoint either. The whole experience calmed the glutton in me.

Five Guys KuwaitFresh ground beef, fresh buns and friendly service, I’m not sure justifies the Kd 3.500 tag for a Cheeseburger at a seemingly fast food joint. Today we have grass fed, organic, double patty burgers for as low as Kd 2.500. We have restaurants serving Black Angus 8 Oz patties for around kd 4… I could go on.. The casual dining environment and to-go packing just adds to my confusion on the price relative to the options we have in Kuwait. But, did I love the burger? YES!

Ratings – Ambiance –  5/10, Service – 6/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 5/10

You can Check out their Menu here !

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 Overall –  Messy, meaty, greasy and moist. Its everything a burger should be, nothing more and nothing less !

Locations – Al- Tijaria Tower, Al Soor St, Sharq

Ph – 22273605

10 am – 12 am (7 days a week)

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