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Hazelnut House Review Kuwait

Hazelnut House Review Kuwait

hazelnut-house-kuwait-10Hazelnut house kuwaitHazelnut house joins the list of Kuwait’s pride ventures that have found it’s own following. Located in the KIPCO towers mezzanine floor, the interiors reflect a smooth blend between a more nautical and mid-century modern design. It has refined lines with a creative use of molded plastic and other modern materials in an industrial design yet maintaining a warm, relaxed and positive aura. It has a few table’s and can house a few chocoholics.

hazelnut-house-kuwait-7It’s been a while since I gave into the temptation of any chocolate fantasy and it was never any malaise, rather a diet I was following that would not permit me to consume any sugars, let alone chocolate. All of a sudden when you’ve got to review a dessert galore with the legal permit to indulge in everything sweet, you’re caught between emotions of sheer excitement and a fear of disappointment. To avoid any precarious situation, I prepared my palate for this endeavor.

Not sure why the place is called the ‘Hazelnut house’ cause the blood that give’s life to this place is mainly Nutellahazelnut-house-kuwait-5 and there are other chocolate hazelnut blend brands. But that didn’t bother me cause, Nutella has been my favorite in terms of texture and taste. The nutty flavor is not too forward and the balance of sweetness is just right. I’m sure Nutella has it’s own fandom in every part of the world.

This being our first time here we asked our server for their ‘plus populaire’ and allowed that to serve as our guide to benchmark the restaurant. Fyi the restaurant also serves a breakfast menu. We ordered The Cookie Cup -Kinder variant (Kd 5) and a Mohalabiya Cheesecake (Kd 1). The Cookie Cup comes in three variants, nutella, kinder and lotus. The main part of the dessert is cookie moulded jar into which the viscous kinder lava is poured to overflow into the dessert bowl. The banana, raspberry and blueberry garnish add to the flavor. The perfect cookie dough texture is an enigma in itself. Some like them soft and chewy, others thin and crisp, oozing with melted chocolate, and few I think prefer the thick and cakey variant. Regardless, the perfect cookie remains an elusive beast. I fall Hazelnut house kuwaitamong the few who like the thick and cakey variant and that is exactly what I found here. The chocolate was perfect and this dessert satisfied every cell in me that was craving for this! On the negative side, I think Kd 5 for this dessert is a bit steep. The Mohalabiya Cheesecake though missing the cheesy punch had a distinct flavor and Kd 1 for this is a great value.

It may seem that one can never go wrong with chocolate, we have milk and dark chocolate bar, a cream- or liqueur-filled bonbon, a praline, fruit dipped in chocolate, a truffle, fudge, and many other sinfully delicious treat. But turning something magical like chocolate into a dessert by combining the perfect balance of flavors and keeping it from over shadowing the king is a challenge… this place won’t disappoint.

Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service – 8/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall –  The Hazelnut exudes a warm, relaxed ambiance with a decent showcase of creations which certainly has trophies.


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