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HealthyBar Kuwait – Review

HealthyBar Kuwait – Review


Healthy Bar KuwaitEating healthy is always great, though it isn’t always an appetizing one. But fortunately this new kid on the block puts as much creativity into their lighter fare as they do to the decadent dishes. HealthyBar is the creative genius of two friends on a mission to change the image of  Kuwait ranking no 4 on the global obesity index. This place has something to please carnivores, vegans, and everyone in between. Their menu is quite elaborate and showcased everything from Italian pastas to Mexican burritos and Asian style tenderloin beef to a classic burger!  (… and my first thought was, ‘so what’s healthy about this..?!’) We believe its the quality of the ingredients, preparation techniques and balancing out the portions. We did not say that the portions are less..!!  TheHealthyBar Kuwaity are still working on the final menu, but based on what we saw, it had all the right buzz words going for it (healthy, locally sourced, calorie content mentioned etc). We were told that they hope to even introduce a monthly subscription tailored to a diet plan.

We had visited the restaurant during the soft launch phase and was glad to know about the ‘happy hour’ (3pm-6pm) promotion based on the temperature on that day (can’t wait for summer!). If ‘good things do come in small packages’, then we’d like to use this old adage here to give you an idea about the size of the restaurant. It could probably seat just about half a dozen hungry customers inside. They have a few seats outside but then not sure if that’s really a ‘healthy’ option considering it being in proximity to the rHealthyBar Kuwaitoad and a construction site just opposite. Fortunately this is where all the negative stops!

Based on recommendations from our foodie friends we ordered the Vietnamese Beef Spring Roll with Salad on the side (Kd 1.950), Lasagne with Pasta (Kd 1.750) and Asian style BBQ Beef Tenderloin with Brown Rice on the side (Kd 3.850). With a 23% discount (based on the temp that day) the total bill for 2 was Kd 8.778.HealthyBar Kuwait

The Vietnamese rolls were paper thin rice wraps stuffed with the right portions 0f lo-fat beef, cabbage, lettuce, red & green peppers. It was served with the yummy peanut sauce. The salad was a nice bowl of fresh veggies and the balsamic glaze served as the perfect dressing. The egg plant lasagne was delicious and the Asian style BBQ beef with brown rice rocked! The meat was tender and rich with the Asian zing. The Chicken Alfredo Pasta was whole wheat pasta that was lightly coated with the Alfredo Sauce. The juicy pieces of chicken unlike with most places was not mixed into the pasta. This gave us the option to reduce intake on the carbs and focus on the protein. While the meal here was not heavy, it certainly did more than quench our voracious appetiteHealthyBar Kuwaits.

Nutritious and well balanced meals are hard to come by when you dine out, but this does not mean they are not available. The healthy bar serves bold flavors and fresh ingredients reflecting the unique palates of every cuisine. The cuisine they serve spans from east to west and while most of the dishes we ordered were from the Asian region, the attention to detail on the cutlery, plating & presentation of the dishes, choices on the menu all reflect a level of finesse that is seldom seen at this price point. To the skeptics who hold to the view that ‘healthy can never be tasty’, this place could certainly rock your belief’s. After all, the grass is greener here since the food is organic with local ingredients and the flavors are bold and fresh.


If you are in search of diet-friendly, heart healthy choices or meals that are simply rich in good-for-you ingredients, lean proteins and whole grains, Healthy bar has them. Other than the size of the restaurant we believe they are headed in the right direction. With all the trendy local concept restaurants sprouting in Kuwait, a ‘healthy’ option was much needed.


Ambiance –  6/10, Service – 8/10, Menu – 8.5/10, Food – 8.5/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10


Block 2, Abdullah Bin, Masoud St (Near Holiday Inn)


Ph – 22207340


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