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Kosebasi Kuwait (Turkish Cuisine)

Kosebasi Kuwait (Turkish Cuisine)

The Ottoman cuisine (Turkish), can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. Ever since we came to Kuwait and indulged in it’s vast array of cuisines offered in this small place, as far as Arabic cuisine is concerned, the Turkish cuisine seemingly has an enchanted finesse. Kosebasi began operations it’s in Kuwait since 2013 and presently have 3 branches. The Cube Mall branch has a slightly more elegant touch to its interiors than the branch at Avenues and our experience at both the branches have been consistently pleasant. Located at phase 3 Avenues, the restaurant has an upscale casual feel with patio seating and a separate bar area overlooking the huge kitchen.

Kosebasi has its origins from the Mediterranean town of Tarsus in Southern Anatolia and is popular for the speciality meat dishes and spices. Their menu features a generous assortment of hot and cold mezzes, salads, from the oven, grill, seafood and desserts. Confusing as it seems with the assistance of our waiter we ordered the Toros Salata (Kd 1.900) which consists of finely chopped tomatoes, rocket, parsley, green onion and mint mixed with sumac and pomegranate sauce, the Pembe Sultan (Kd 1.600) which is a homemade yoghurt mixed with beetroot and garlic. The Doner (Kd 3.600) is a marinated mix of lamb and beef which is grilled vertically, Tavuk Sis (Kd 3.500) which are barbecued spicy marinated chicken cubes, Sucuklu Kasarli (Kd 2.400) is a traditional turkish pie with turkish sujuk (spicy sausage) and mozzarella cheese, Ezgara Kofte (Kd 3.950) is minced beef seasoned with Turkish spices, cumin and grated onion, grilled and laid on homemade Turkish bread. This is served with fries, light tomato sauce and bulgur pilaf,  Yogurt Kebab Large(Kd 8.900) are grilled Kosebasi kebabs laid on homemade Turkish bread and covered with tomato sauce and yoghurt, Fresh Mint Lemon (Kd 1.900) and Drinks Total Bill for 4 Kd 28.650.

The domed, sesame-seed-topped fluffy bread is a great foil with these appetizers and any sauces. The grills are suitable for sharing and the lamb doner and kofte were the standouts for their texture and consistent flavor. All the food we ordered met expectations and the service was courteous and prompt on both visits. It’s easy to fill up fast and the food has considerable oomph, but if you feel the need to satiate your sweet tooth you have that option too…


Given the casual ambience, the prices can be a surprise, but as with all things of exceptional quality, you get what you pay for.


Ambiance –  7/10, Service – 8/10, Menu – 8.5/10, Food – 8.5/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10


  1. Grand Avenus
    10:00 AM and 11:00 PM everyday.
    Phase 3 level 1, Grand Avenues, Kuwait
    Telephone: +(965) 2220 0749
  2. Cube Mall Salmiya
    Tel :00965 22251303
  3. Tavern Mall, Jabriya, Kuwait
    Telephone: +(965) 2531 0491

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