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Lino’s Coffee Shop


Lino's Cafe Kuwait (10 of 11)Lino’s Coffee was established in Sorbolo (in the province of Parma) in 1991 with the aim of giving customers a unique, emotional, multisensory experience into the world of coffee.

Hence the idea of creating a unique format based on the successful mix between the tradition of Italian coffee quality and the  American “Coffee House” atmosphere famous throughout the world.
Different varieties of coffee coming from the top coffee-producing countries in the world such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico, India and Santo Domingo are selected and imported to our workshops in Parma. Flavors, fragrances and aromas are tested in order to create the best blends, always able to arouse new and authentic sensations in our customers.Lino's Cafe Kuwait (8 of 11)

Lino’s Coffee shops are meant to be different from the usual spots where people meet for a quick coffee at the counter. They provide a different kind of atmosphere: a meeting-place where you can relax, listen to music, read a book or surf the internet while sipping tasty coffee and other products of Lino’s Coffee range.

In any of Lino’s Coffee Shops around the world  you will have the chance to choose from a vast selection of coffee varieties and blends in addition to coffee-based specialities such as “Cafetino,” “Bolero,” “Budinoso,” “Ciocchino” and “Ice.”

Lino's Cafe Kuwait (1 of 11)In 1995 Lino’s Coffee Shops were expressly invited to join the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) gathering the most important operators in the field of coffee excellence. In the same year the company started to distribute coffee to the first Espresso Points. In 1997 the coffee roasting plant was moved to Neviano degli Arpini where the Orzo Parma project and the Organic supply chain got started. In 1999 the first Lino’s Coffee Shop was opened in Parma which soon was followed by others there and around the Province. In 2001 the first Lino’s Coffee Shop was opened outside the Province of Parma. Since then it has opened locations all along the Italian Peninsula (Udine, Milan, Mantua, Genoa, Rome, Naples, Bari, Reggio Calabria, Catania and many other cities).

Since 2008 Lino’s Coffee Shops started to spread abroad by opening new branches in countries such as the United Arab Emirates (2008), Kuwait Lino's Cafe Kuwait (4 of 11)(2009), Libya (2009), Marocco (2009), Switzerland (2010), France (2011) and Egypt (2011). At the end of 2009 the registered office and the operational headquarters of the company were transferred to Parma, where they are presently located.

The passion for coffee has always been the main drive of Lino’s Coffee Shop, which has established itself as a symbol of high quality products in Italy and worldwide. Lino’s Coffee shops are characterized by a particular and refined design, welcoming, with a familiar atmosphere. They are places where customers can meet friends, work on a computer, enjoy quality coffee and a quick bite, or simply relax after a hard day at work, just like at home,  maybe while listening to pleasant background music, played all day long and changing according to the time of day.

Since 2010 it has expanded its product line to include food and ice cream in addition to its classic cafeteria services, in order to offer its customers a constantly new and complete experience, letting them discover the best aspects of Italy’s culinary traditions.


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