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Oak & Smoke Kuwait – Review

Oak & Smoke Kuwait – Review

Oak & Smoke KuwaitKuwait is growing to become an epicure’s paradise. Gladly lot of theOak & Smoke Kuwait (19 of 25) contribution to this revolution is from the young aspiring locals who have gone to great (& expensive) pains to learn the art and bring it home. We’ve seem Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese and now it’s American! .. and when I say American, I meant the national favorite.. ‘BBQ meats’.

Smoking is truly a labor of love and it’s typically not something that busy professionals can undertake on a busy weeknight when they get home from work. That’s why I believe Mubarak had resigned his job at a prestigious firm to follow his passion. Smoking can be a lengthy process and if you have the time, the results are well worth it. Meat that’s smoked, instead of grilled, is more tender because of the lengthy cooking process. Additionally, the smoke helps infuse the meat with a unique flavor.

Its important to know that ‘BBQ’ has different meanings in different regions the United States. In California, barbecue is really grilling – anything you want cooked is set on a grill, usually over direct heat. The use of sauce is optional. If you are in the Carolinas, it is usually pork and is mopped with a bright vinegar-based sauce while cooking. In Memphis it is all about pork ribs and pulled pork cooked with a dry rub and served with a tangy vinegar-tomato sauce. Kansas is known for liberal use of a thick, tomato-based sauce and hickory smoke. In St. Louis-style ribs are cooked over open fire, mopped with sauce repeatedly while cooking, and then sometimes finished by simmering in a pan of sauce. But in Texas, it is all about the smoke, and now you don’t have to take a pilgrimage to quench your yearning, fortunately just a drive to Adaliya will do 😉

Oak & Smoke Kuwait (9 of 25)We heard about ‘Oak and Smoke’ through a friend and during the Eid, this was the main item on the to-do list. My friendOak & Smoke Kuwait (15 of 25) had arranged the whole thing. Called the (extremely friendly) guy, place the order, called him about 30min before you head to collect, pay, take it home and indulge !

The menu is pretty straight forward and simple, beef brisket and Ribs served as sliders or by the pound. You can pick one or two from the 5 homemade sauces to go with the order and sides are extra. We ordered 2 pounds of Beef Brisket (Kd 7/pound) and a full rack of Ribs (Kd 17). The sauces were Bneider, Austin and Houstin. For the sides we got the Cowboy Slaw (Kd 1 per portion) and Twisted Potato Salad (Kd 1 per portion).

Barbecue doesn’t mean foods grilled on hot coals and slathered in a sauce, but rather a method of slow cooking meat itself. Usually it refers to a process by which meat is prepared over a wood or charcoal fire at a low heat of 200 to 250 degrees. Tough meats are usually chosen for the barbecue because long cooking over low heat helps break down the meat’s collagen, resulting in a silky, fall-off-the-bone serving. The woods used are a seasoning onto themselves, giving the meat a certain flavor, Mubarak imports the Oak wood used to flavor his meats. Oak is a dense, slow burning wood that imparts a pleasant flavor.

Oak & Smoke Kuwait (12 of 25)The Brisket is a whole chunk of meat that comes out of the smoker almost black that it looks more like a meteorite than a meal. Fear not, its not burnt ! Underneath that crispy charr is the most juicy. tender and smoky meat that even people who don’t eat meat will eat! But mind you brisket is not a very forgivingOak & Smoke Kuwait (10 of 25) meat, while it can be tender and juicy, cook it wrong and it is like a wranglers leather chaps. The brisket we had was cooked perfect! It had the out crust with the amazingly juicy inside. Only sad thing  was because Oak & Smoke is yet to open a restaurant, packing it to-go does dampen the whole experience a bit.

Think you’ve had the best Ribs in Kuwait ? think again. This place holds potential to become a destination pilgrimage for rib devotes. The secret lies in cooking the meat over oak wood for about 12 hrs in his custom (American build) smoker. The result is a rack of deliciously tender, juicy ribs that literally fall off the bone at first bite. The in-house sauces did meet expectations. Though I really wish the customer was given the choice to glaze his ribs with the sauce rather than just serving on the side. The sides don’t rest on the side lines either, the potato salad and coleslaw were good.


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Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service – 8/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall – ‘Some foods will improve your meal, your mood, your day. Brisket will improve your life’ — Stephanie Pierson

If you haven’t enjoyed BBQ meat, then you are basically missing out something big in the culinary world. Oak and Smoke serves ribs that is a melt-in-your-mouth and brisket a black bark crusted heap of deliciousness. Now you don’t have to take a pilgrimage to satisfy your yearning, fortunately just a drive to Adaliya will do 😉

Location – Hours of Operation – 6pm to Sold Out

Adaliya (will update the location)

ph – 51307160

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