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Oriental Indian Restaurant Review – Kuwait

Oriental Indian Restaurant Review – Kuwait

Oriental Indian (2 of 18)Oriental Restaurant has a design and layout of the average Indian restaurant that has directed all focus on theOriental Indian (16 of 18) quality of the food and not the aura. However the wooden work and the ornately framed mirrors do give the impression that, however futile, they have made an attempt to strike a chord somewhere that typifies Indian. Regardless, the décor is simple and neat. With lots of seating friendly staff, decent prices and great food, when I crave Indian (food), I think Oriental!!

The restaurant has a plethora of Indian and Indian-Chinese dishes on their menu. They have everything from finger foods, grills, sizzlers to traditional and popular Indian / Indian Chinese dishes. Though at times, we do get adventurous and try out different stuff, there are days we just can’t afford our meal going south. So decided to keep it simple (but more importantly reliable) and stick to what we know!

Their Hara Bhara Kabab (Kd 1.500) is our choice appetizer here. It’s a vegan dish that resembles a cutlet and will even satisfy most carnivores.Oriental Indian (10 of 18) This potato, spinach, spicy, crispy crust kebab though great by itself, will have some zing when eaten with their mint chutney. For our main course we ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala (Kd 2.750), Mutton Bhunagoast (Kd 2.750) and decided to try out few of their Indian breads. We got the Tandooro Roti (0.200), Butter Naan (0.300), Kheema Paratha (0.500) and Aloo Paratha (0.350) wondering which would turn out to be the perfect marriage partner to our main dishes.

Oriental Indian (5 of 18)The Chicken Tikka Masala gains its popularity from the fact that the boneless pieces of chicken are charcoal grilled before immersing into the thick tomato cream gravy. Though the curry tasted good, the pieces lacked the grill flavor. The Mutton Bhunagoast was a dish recommended by the server and certainly matched up to expectations. Garnished with slender long ginger shavings and coriander, the masala was rich, delicious and we loved the juicy tender lamb marinated in spices and herbs. ThisOriental Indian (13 of 18) dish we will certainly order again ! The butter naan, while coated with a generous dollop of butter was not as soft and expected. The Kheema paratha was good but we loved the Aloo paratha even though it did not have an obvious potato stuffing, was pillow soft, fluffy and great with the dishes.  Our bill for 2 (glutton’s) totaled Kd 8.750 and I have to add that the food we ordered could generally feed 3.

Have been here a few times and the food has always been consistently good. Have been to many Indian restaurants in Kuwait, but many of the popular places tone down flavors and spices to cater to the locals. While clientele consideration is important for the growth of every business, sadly this happens at the cost of losing out on ‘authenticity’ of the dish. The Indian cuisine is rich in taste and texture. As expatriates on foreign soil our food (when authentic) offers the nostalgia that transiently transports us back to our homes gratifying all sensual desires. Based on the Indian dishes we have tried here, glad to say they have for the most part been loyal to the richness to the cuisine.

Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service -7/10, Menu – 6/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall –  Decent price.. good food… when I crave Indian ..I think ‘Oriental’

You can Check out their MENU CARD here !

Location : Kuwait City, Salmiya, Farwaniya, Andalous, Jabriya, Qosour, Manqaf

  • Kuwait City
  • Mubarak Al Kabeer Street
  • Tel: 22456553, 22476886


  • Salmiya
  • Hamad Al-Mubarak Street
  • Tel: 25720788, 25720799



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