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Pasta Calcio Review

Pasta Calcio Review

Pasta Calcio KuwaitPasta can be named as one of the world’s most comforting foods. For restaurateurs,pasta-calcio-kuwait-9 pasta is a gift – popular, accessible, cheap and almost always satisfying. Whether its guised up for the Michelin plate or a simple jaded meal at a local fast food, rare is the person who doesn’t warm to its embrace. We live in an age where food is awed, cooking is idolized, chef’s are celebrities and gourmet as a word is known to even a pre-schooler. While there is always a niche for the fine-dine and authentic, the adulterated fast-food version of every food that speaks more to your appetite rather than your taste buds, mandates it’s own allegiance.

Pasta Calcio is a Kuwait born fast-food restaurant that began operations at Mahboula and about recently opened it’s second branch at the Promanade Mall in Hawally. On a first glance we could benchmark Pasta Calcio against Pastamania, Sbarro and many others in the likes. While this is not a place we would usually crawl into when craving some Italian, we have been on the look out for affordable knock-offs to fill our ‘budget bytes’ restaurant category (click here to know more).

Pasta Calcio KuwaitWe came here to feast and we decided to go all out with their trophies.pasta-calcio-kuwait-12 We ordered the Penne with Alfredo Sauce, Pesto, Bolognese and Pink (small – Kd 2.650 each). The Penne with Mushroom being their most popular we got the regular (Kd 3.250). Before I forget let me add that while the regular will definitely serve two adult males, the small could serve two on a diet. The pasta was cooked perfectly and each sauce had its own character. While the Alfredo, Mushroom and Pink were alright, the Bolognese was a pure, perfectly flavored, rich & meaty sauce that bathed the pasta and instantly became our favorite. They use Kenyan Basil to freshly prepare the Pesto. The dominant message delivered by the Pesto is that its an establishment that serves up simple, and allows the ingredients to speak for themselves.

Pasta Calcio KuwaitWhen it comes to Italian food in Kuwait, Pizza dominates all conversation. Though this may not be your ‘bucket-list’ pizza that comes out of a wood fired oven, we really liked this one. The crust was quite thin and firm, not doughy or crusty. We tried the regular Supreme and Four Cheese (Kd 3.100 each). The pliable Supreme came crowned with beef pepperoni, juicy beef, mushrooms, pasta-calcio-kuwait-20peppers, black olives and fresh mozzarella. We would never think twice to get this again. The Four Cheese pizza though having a sausage stuffed in the crust did not leave us with the same emotion.

The Classic Burger came loaded with a beef patty moulded from fresh meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, a sauce that failed to cut through the mix all sandwiched between a soft, fluffy and mildly toasted bun.

Ratings – Ambiance –  6/10, Service – 6/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 6.5/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 6.5/10

Overall – Pasta Calcio certainly takes the upper crest benchmarking against the other fast-food rivals. Crafting their mementos with imported quality ingredients the Pizza and the Bolognese pasta did leave an impression.

You Can Check out the Menu of the Restaurant Here !

To place an order on Talabat click here


  1. The Promenade Mall, Hawally

     2. 107 St, Mahboula

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