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Pei Wei Review – Kuwait

Pei Wei Review – Kuwait

Pei Wei Kuwait (15 of 15) Everyone knows P.F Chang’s for their fine dine experience and great food, but not everyone knows that ifChicken Lettuce Wraps you just want that (almost similar) food while on a rumbling tummy all you need to do is look for Pei Wei and you’ll still have that great food minus the hole in you wallet. In fact, you will be offered with more options, can you beat that !?! While P.F Chang’s serve mostly Chinese (at least in Kuwait), Pei Wei offers a wider variety of Asian cuisine. It has changed its menu over the years to include a variety of healthy and lightened menu items. Dishes normally battered and fried can be ordered steamed; and sushi rolls have been added to the lighter and healthier lineup. The concept is simple for this faster, more casual spin-off from PF Chang’s. Walk past the interactive menu boards, make your choice of protein and Pei Wei Kuwait (11 of 15)cooking style, order and the food arrives in a rush (6 minutes to be exact).

Love their motto, ‘Asian-Inspired. Handcrafted Fresh. Made For You. Steam It. Spice It. Pretty Much Anything ItPei Wei Kuwait (1 of 12). Simply ask and you shall receive. Because it’s your world. We just wok in it.’

To state it plainly, they even offer to tailor or customize you dish. So you see, Pei Wei is more than just P.F Chang’s minus the bling 😉 ! On their menu you will find the Chang’s popular Lettuce Wraps, Blazing Shrimps and even the Mongolian Beef (to name just a few).

We have visited both the places earlier, but on an impromptu visit to Pei Wei we found that they were serving sushi rolls for a limited period and decided to try it out. Got the Teriyaki Crunch Roll (Kd 2.750) and Blazing Shrimp Roll (Kd 2.500). The Teriyaki Crunch Roll features imitation crab, (with probably avocado or mango) and tempura Pei Wei Kuwait (10 of 15)flakes, drizzled with sweet teriyaki sauce served with a side of light soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi aioli. The Blazing Shrimp had the same california roll topped with the tempura battered shrimp tossed in a spicy sriracha- aioli.

Both the dishes were light and flavorful. While this is certainly westernised Asian, it still delivers thePad Thai flavours associated with the various dishes from the ginger and garlic to scallion and chilli. Overall it delivers a ‘bang for you buck’. While this review was brief and included only 2 dishes from the plethora of items they offer, like I mentioned we have visited this place earlier and walked away with a smile. However, we hope to cover other dishes they serve and include their menu too.

Update – As desired, not long after our last visit, we dropped by this place again. We avoided the rolls and decided to try out the other dishes on their menu. In certain restaurants you can be pretty sure that its really hard to go wrong on certain dishes and the Mongolian Beef (Kd 4.250) offered by PF Chang’s and Pei Wei is one such dish. We also got the Chicken Lettuce Wraps (Kd 3.250), Caramel Chicken (Kd 4) and Pad Thai Chicken (Kd 4).  The Chicken Lettuce Wraps and their Blazing Shrimps are their flagship appetizers. Though we prefer the Blazing Shrimp, since we had just tried their Blazing Shrimp roll earlier we decided to go for the wraps. The Lettuce wraps serve mice chicken, shitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and scallions along with the garlic soy sauce and hoisin sauce side. This mixture is served by wrapping in the lettuce. Once you taste it, you’ll understand why it is ordered by most customers. The Mongolian Beef is served with a choice of plain white rice or fried rice. We went for the white rice and this dish has been consistently our favorite on their menu. The beef was succulent, tender an rich in flavor. The scallions supplement the beef with a crunch and flavor. The Caramel Chicken was sweet yet mildly spicy. The spice from the chilli sauce along with the sweetness form the pineapple offers a rich balance. The chicken pieces are chunky and juicy. The Pad Thai though good, was not our favorite. We loved the one served at Noodle Factory (closed now). Loved this dish but the only thing was that I missed the added flavor of dried shrimps used in some restaurants. The portions are pretty decent and factoring the quality of the ingredients, enticing aroma and fondness of the dishes, quantity and price, this restaurant certainly deserves it’s spot in the list of choice restaurants serving American Chinese.

You can Check out their Menu Card here..!!

Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service -8/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall –  Pei Wei is more than just P.F Chang’s minus the bling.


1. Food Court, Avenues phase 2 – Ph +965-22283780

2. Arabella, Albida’a, Al – Ta’awn Street – Sea Level
Phone: +965-22214984

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  1. Lance

    Love this place. It’s has always been consistently good.


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