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Potbelly Story

Potbelly Story

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Potbelly started in 1977 when a little antique store in Chicago decided to boost business by selling toasted sandwiches right along with their vintage stoves, old books and other knick knacks. …

Meats and cheeses were sliced in the shop every day and each sandwich was baked individually in an oven. Perfectly toasted on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. Finished with amazing toppings, it was a sandwich like none other.

Thirty-five years later, Potbelly Sandwich Shop is still doing things the exact same way. We never cut corners. And our food wouldn’t be irresistible if we did.

Slice.. Slice …Slice Everyday..

Meet our Meats

If you’re gonna trademark “A Wreck®” sandwich it better live up to its reputation! Potbelly chooses high quality stuff like Black Angus roast beef, old world salami, oven roasted turkey breast (the whole breast, not pressed), hickory smoked ham and real Swiss cheese. Our Italian sandwich has four authentic Italian meats – capicola, mortadella, salami, and pepperoni. The chicken in our Grilled Chicken and Cheddar sandwich is an all-natural grilled chicken breast. We hand-slice our meats in shop to ensure the perfect thickness and freshness you’d get from a deli.

The chicken salad in our Chicken Salad sandwich is handmade in the shop every day. It’s a simple recipe of all-natural chicken, celery salt, chopped celery, just the right amount of mayo, salt and pepper. Our Tuna Salad is handmade in shop, too, using the same recipe with 100% Albacore tuna.

The Potbelly menu is straight forward, great tasting, wholesome, comfort food. And when it comes to salads, we put in the extra effort to make them abundant and craveable. Our Uptown and Farmhouse salads are freshly made with all-natural grilled chicken breast and loaded with flavorful ingredients like grapes, hard-boiled egg, dried cranberries, candied walnuts and crispy bacon.

Potbelly Craveable Ingredients

All of our soups are chock full of vegetables and other tasty stuff. Looking for yummy vegan options? Garden Vegetable and Spicy Black Bean & Roasted Tomato are on our weekly soup rotation. Potbelly’s chili is a hearty recipe of ground beef, kidney beans, onions and bell peppers, sweetened with a touch of molasses. Get cheese, onions and oyster crackers on the side.

Sandwich toppings you’ll find nowhere else: 

– Soon to be “world famous” Potbelly Hot Peppers: a unique hot pepper recipe with just the right
amount of heat. Take a jar home and enjoy!
Potbelly Brown Mustard: our own recipe, with true deli taste, zip and zing.

Sweet Over Fresh Cookies

Potbelly Sandwiches - Baked Fresh Daily

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is also famous for our sweets like cookies baked fresh in shop. Potbelly’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Sugar cookies are generously sized and go nice with a meal or as an afternoon sweet treat. For something real chocolately, don’t pass up our Chocolate Brownie cookie. Potbelly’s Dream Bar is just that – an ooey gooey creation and made from our original recipe.

Counting caloriesdon’t deny yourself! Available in two-packs, enjoy mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies (200 calories) or Cherry Chocolate Granola cookies (available at most locations).

Hand Dipped Shakes and Smoothies

Potbelly's Cookie on a Straw

Your shake master at Potbelly takes the time to make sure that each hand-dipped milkshake, malt, and smoothie comes with a cute little butter cookie on the straw. Potbelly’s real fruit smoothies are made with real fruit – really! We puree bananas and use real mixed berries and strawberries.

Our ice cream sandwiches don’t come out of a wrapper, but are made right before your eyes by layering real ice cream between two of our outrageous Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. Also, check out our beverage cooler. It holds some of the usual favorites plus other fun, hard-to-find drinks that you won’t see everywhere.

(You can Check out the Kuwait Menu Card here)

Location – In Kuwait its located at the Food Court in Phase 2 Avenues.

Tel: +965-2258-1997

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