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Shakahari (Caesars) Kuwait – Restaurant Review

Shakahari (Caesars) Kuwait – Restaurant Review

Shakahari Kuwait - CaesarsThe name Shakahari, incidentally, is the Hindi word for ‘vegetarian’ and this is an exclusive Vegetarian restaurant in Salmiya. Being an omnivore myself, I love vegetarian food. I believe the cuisine’s wide appeal rests on its expertise in creating meals which are light but satisfying, simple and natural but attentively detailed in their preparation. In keeping with Caesars traditional restaurant designs , the interiors are simple and neat, certainly more upscale than the other vegetarian restaurants in Salmiya.

Dosa and Idili are the quintessentials of South Indian vegetarian food and there are subtle regional differences. Though the menu between Udupi, Saravana Bhavan, Shakahari and other veg restaurants can have strikingly similar dishes, the experiences with the dishes can very vastly. Having spent significant years of my education in Karnataka and Chennai, I have come to appreciate the differences.

It was on a Friday morning we had the sudden urge for dosa, we went to Shakahari. This was probably our n’th visit and we have tried lot of the items on their menu. We ordered the Mysore Masala Dosa (Kd 1.050), Plain Dosa (Kd 0.650), Upma (Kd 0.750), Idili (Kd 0.600) and Coffee (0.350). Total Bill Kd 3.750

shakahari-caesars-restaurants-in-kuwait-4shakahari-caesars-restaurants-in-kuwait-5The dosa is a rice crepe and I like mine slightly crisp on the outside with a soft inside. The Mysore variant adds a bit of spice to dosa. The Masala is just a mash potato mildly spiced, stuffed inside the dosa. The dosa is served with a sambar and 3 chutney’s. The sides were just alright. Not really intense in flavor. The texture of the dosa is an important element and I’ve liked this dish here. ThePlain dosa, was just alright. The Idili was sadly too firm and a bit dry. Coffee being extremely important for me also was not one I would necessarily run for…

The good part about this place is that its better setup, friendliness of the service, clean etc… but bit mute on quality of the food. They do charge an for all the extra frills (which I am more than happy to pay especially because of the cleanliness) but fail to deliver where it matters the most…’the food’.

Ratings – Ambiance –  7/10, Service – 7/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 5/10, Consistency – 5/10, Value for Money – 6/10

Overall – Its more like a Landcruiser fitted with the engine of a Corolla !! (..but we haven’t given up on this place yet ;))

You can Check out their Menu Here!

AddAl Dhahak Bin Qays St, Salmiya


  1. Aby

    If they just got the food consistent and better… because of their superior setup they could have most of the crowd.

  2. Anonymous

    Haha… Landcruiser comparison… Haha ha.. Good one bro.


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