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Shawarma Shuwaikh (Kuwait)

Shawarma Shuwaikh (Kuwait)


BWB (99 of 112)Kuwait has slowly been increasing its reputation as a hub for food lovers. Though some might say there is nothing better to do here than eat, I’ll BWB (5 of 112)take the explosion of different cuisines as a positive response to this notion. Nestled in the more or less isolated area of Shuwaikh (residential Shuwaikh) is this restaurant. It is the brain child of one of the brothers of the gastronomica group (owners of Sliders Station, Open Flame etc). The interior aura actually reflects the Slider Station. If it was not for a Kuwaiti friend, I don’t think I would have heard nor found out about this place. We have been to this place quite a few times now and the experience has always been delightful regardless of the fact that you have to place your order that the counter and collect the food from there.

Their menu is extremely simple and you don’t have too many combinations of meat and sauces. They had about 8 varieties and have recently added the Doner (Kd 1.950) also. We generally have the Shawarma 1961 (Saj bread, chicken, parsley, rocca, potato, onion strip, chilli ranch sauce) and Dickson House (Saj bread, beef, honey bbq sauce, maabooch sauce,
fried crumbs, jalapeno, parsley, lettuce). Both these concept Shawarmas cost KD 1.

BWB (3 of 112)The guys at the counter are pretty warm and friendly. Our order took about 10 to 12 minutes. I wish they had provision for a few tables outside, but never the less I think these guys were the first to bring out the concept shawarmas in Kuwait. The BWB (103 of 112)Shawarmas are reasonably sized and delicious. I think its definitely worth the money. The last I heard, they were planning to open up another branch in Bneid Al Ghar.

Working Time – 11am to around 11pm

Address – Block 2, Near Shamiya Co-op, Kuwait City.

Phone – +965 6636 6612


Guess what .. they now have a 24 hr branch opened up at Bneid Al Ghar..!!


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  1. Amir

    Your comments are very helpful to discover nice places for local food like Shawarma Shuwaikh.Thanks you.

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