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Slider Station Kuwait (Review)

Slider Station Kuwait (Review)

Slider Station (13 of 17)The mark of a good restaurant is not necessarily its size, but the quality of its food and the generosity of itsSlider Station (2 of 17) staff. While we value the ambience and it does add to the experience, it all comes down to the ‘food’. ‘Slider Station’ is the brain child of the ‘Gastronomica’ group. They also own Burger Boutique, Cocoa Room and Open Flame. (You can check out our review on Cocoa Room here..)

 Almost every time we had come here, the restaurant was packed. Parking is a bit of an issue, unless you don’t mind parking at the ground opposite the Cental Bank, behind these restaurants (this is what we did last time) and you really don’t burn too many calories walking.

The restaurant has a very trendy lounge layout and design to it. The choice of music they play just amplifies this..! The staff is warm and friendly and they offer you help (in case you need) with the menu. We have tried lot of their stuff listed  on their menu, and this review is mainly based on our last few visits.

For the starters we got the Beef Tenderloin Kd 4,500. Our main course included the  Machine Slider Kd 0.900, Mozz Chicken Slider Kd 1, Midnight Slider Kd 1, Hamour Slider Kd 1.750, Dynamite Slider Kd 0.900, All American Kd 5, Code Red Kd 3.750, Commando Fries Kd 2.950, Delta Force Kd 2.950. For dessert we had the Choco Volcano Kd 4.250.

Slider Station (5 of 17)

As far as meat is concerned I believe this place serves good juicy meat, cooked to preference. The BeefSlider Station (11 of 17) Tenderloin has always been amazing. Of the sliders we’ve tried the Dynamite and Midnight Slider are my favorites. In the full size burger, Code Red is my choice. The meat has a smokey flavor to it and its juicy. However, the last time I got this the sauce was overpowering and the meat was a bit soggy. But I’ve had it before and I will get this again. Commando and Delta Force fries, we order every time (though the full size burgers are served with fries). Though these fries carry a nuclear power of calories, I love the recipe so much that I term this ‘value calories’ ;). The Chocolate Volcano was really nice, but our favorite dessert so far is the Red Velvet Cake served with White Chocolate Ice Cream ( don’t remember the name on the menu – check picture).

The restaurant is a bit on the pricey side, but then it’s a bargain with quality and I think its worth it. Our bill for about 4 happy people totaled Kd 33.650.

You can check out their MENU HERE…

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Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service -8/10, Menu – 9/10, Food – 9/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10

Overall – The restaurant buzzed with excited energy and was comfortably full with seemingly satisfied patrons. Great place…serving great food !!

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