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Smashburger Review

Smashburger Review

Smash Burger Kuwait (2 of 9)I LOVE burgers and after a few days of impatient waiting we finally got our chance yesterday to visit Smashburger. Smash Burger Kuwait (5 of 9)Fortunately they have a branch in Salmiya close to Symphony mall, Memos, Quiznos etc. It was easy to locate the restaurant but parking was bit of an issue. Parking by the curb will definitely fetch you a ticket…so beware !

Anyways, we were quickly seated by the friendly staff. The tables were tiny and seemed better suited for coffee and pastries rather than a sit-down meal. The staff though friendly, unfortunately were not well versed with the menu and the food they served. We had an offer coupon (get a burger FREE) from online registration. After passing the coupon around finally the restaurant manager clarified the offer…. Placing the order can be a little frustrating if you are desperately hungry, cause the person was just getting used to punching the order on the comp…

…to compensate for that, I have to say that the food was delivered pretty fast and we were HAPPY. The patties were cooked to well done (don’t think we had an option) and we had all ordered the Big-Smash variants. They said each patty was about 7 oz. The burger was down right juicy and it felt moist and tender. The bread was really nice and they had a few varieties. The ‘egg-bun’ was soft, yet firm enough. Not too thick and it did not take away the taste of the burger. In fact it complimented.

Smash Burger Kuwait (6 of 9)We had ordered..Classic Big Smash kd2.300, All American Big Smash (free because of the coupon), Truffle Mushroom Swiss kd 2.750, Chicago Hot dog kd 1.600, Chili Cheese fries 1.750, Fried pickles 0.850, Ice tea 0.700, Ha-gen Daz Strawberry Shake 1.400, Root beer 0.800 – Total Bill Kd 12.150 (after discount).

… all the Burgers were pretty good, but the Mushroom Swiss was exceptional. The fried pickles were a bit salty. The chili cheese fries was not really to our liking… maybe because we were comparing it to the one we had at Slider Station. The strawberry shake was good and you get more than a glass however, I would love to see a bit of strawberry chunks for flavor.


Ratings – Ambiance – 7/10, Service – 4/10, Menu – 6/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall – Could go back again. At least for the Mushroom Swiss.

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