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Taal (Indian) Restaurant Review

Taal (Indian) Restaurant Review



The Indian fine dine rTaal indian Restaurants Kuwaitestaurants are inspired by the exotic and regional tastes of Taal Indian Restaurant KuwaitIndia. They have distinctive culinary styles and exciting auras incorporating India’s strong culinary culture. It’s not really about the price, but more the ingredients, preparation techniques and values. Indian cuisine can be found everywhere in Kuwait, from shabby hole in the wall joints to fast-food, to restaurants modeled on retro Calcutta and casual chains to more illustrious aristocratic setups. While Taal may not model a Michelin star opulent aura, the colorful frills, adorning chandeliers and embroidered patterns places it well above the typical casual diner.

Taal Indian restaurants KuwaitIndian cuisine offers a Bollywood symphony of flavors and cooking styles. We began by requesting our server to bring every dish as authentic and spicy as it ought to be, not dampening the flavors. Many Indian dishes served in Kuwait are customized to favor the local palate. It’s a pleasure to eat when the spice blends are allowed to sing. Along with the menu came the papad served with delicious mango and mint chutney. Loved the mango chutney. The menu was surprisingly not very elaborate. While they pictured a decent number of north and south Indian dishes, they do have more. The dish we ordered though NOT featured on the menu, is available to ALL customers at all times. It was suggested by our server when we asked for something special and authentic. It was the Chicken Kurchan.


Taal Indian restaurants KuwaitOur order comprised of the Punjabi Curry (home style) – Kdtaal-indian-restaurant-kuwait-4 3.650 which is a spiced yogurt based curry cooked with spinach dumplings. The yogurt is simmered along with chilis, ginger and coriander. The Chicken Kurchan (Kd 4.550) is a delicately flavored chicken cooked with peppers and spice blend. We also got the Hyderbadi Gosht Biriyani (Kd 5.750) which is marked as a ‘local favorite’. The basmati rice and spiced mutton are layered and cooked in a sealed pot. We also ordered the assorted Bread Basket (Kd 2.500). The bread basket had Garlic, Cheese, Plain Naan and Laccha Paratha. Total bill for two Kd 17.850.

taal-indian-restaurant-kuwait-3We believe the dishes arriving from this kitchen are clever andTaal Indian Restaurant Kuwait conceived. Though our order took about 15 min, it was well worth the wait. The Punjabi Curry was a bit too sour for our taste. Conversely the Chicken Kurchan hit the mark and we loved it from the first bite. The biriyani was served with a luscious thick gravy that was a perfect compliment. Though the mutton wasn’t the most tender, the rice was well flavored with the fat from the lamb. The portions here are generous and our order would easily satisfy the appetites of three.

Ratings – Ambiance –  8.5/10, Service – 8.5/10, Menu – 8/10, Food – 8.5/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 8/10


Taal is an authentic rendering Indian restaurant by Al Sabah & Kohli food & beverage group. The same group that owns Dawat and Biriyani & Kebab. The food is presented by someone who cares about the flavor. While this was our second visit and having sampled a few items on their menu, we believe the restaurant offers a satisfying and moreish experience, the kind you always want but seldom get.


1. Al Argan Complex
Al Beda Roundabout
Ta’awan Street, Salmiya, Kuwait Ph – 22253142/22253143

2. The Avenues

Al-Rai, 5th Ring Road
Grand Avenues, Grand Avenues Foyer,
Upper Floor

Ph – 22200952


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