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Taste of Jamaica

Taste of Jamaica


Taste of Jamaica (5 of 11)Jamaican food… wow!! The last time we had it was in New York just before boarding our flight back to Kuwait and it wasTaste of Jamaica (6 of 11) a really different experience. It was our first time and I loved it! In fact I felt a little sad that we had to catch our flight cause I wanted to go back for more….!!

So when we heard about a Jamaican Restaurant in Kuwait, you can imagine my excitement. We rushed there straight after work and we already knew what we were going to order. Hoping that the  same choices we had in NY would be available here as well…

The place was not hard to find because thanks to our GPS ;). It’s located in one of the side roads in Mangaf. If you are slightly familiar with the place, it shouldn’t be hard to find. It’s certainly not a fine dine, rather it looks more like a fast food joint just round the corner. They had the place done up to give you the Jamaican feel. We were greeted with a pic of Bob Marley and some Jamaican music, and the hostess was friendly. The menu was simple and it took us absolutely no time to place our order….Jamaican Iced Tea (a sample on the house which normally costs Kd 1), Potato Salad Kd 0.800, Braised Oxtail Kd 3.500, Jerk Chicken Kd 3.500, Stir Fried Okras Kd 0.800 and White Rice Kd 0.800.

Taste of Jamaica (8 of 11)They served the Iced Tea as they prepared the food and honestly if we weren’t told what was served, we would have thought it was just a flavored slush. There was nothing to hint that we were having ‘tea’.  The braised Oxtails are prepared by slow cooking and the meat was ‘fall off the bone’ tender and the flavor was good. The Jerk Chicken we had in NY was fried, juicy and full of flavor. Here it had a lot of gravy and I wished there was more flavor. The potato salad was good and we really don’t want to comment on the fried Okras – let’s just say we will never order that again. The portions were pretty generous and the service was homely. The experience was like having food from a mom and pops restaurant in Jamaica.

To see their MENU CLICK HERE..!!

Location – Block4, Street 19, Bldg 1, Mangaf, Kuwait. Taste-of-Jamaica-WEB

Ratings – Ambiance – 5/10, Service – 6/10, Menu – 6/10, Food – 6/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 6/10

Overall We think it’s priced a bit high for the setup, but then again it’s not a cuisine commonly served in this region. Moreover, it’s probably the closest Jamaican experience you can have in Kuwait. 

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