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Thakkara Restaurant (kerala cuisine)

Thakkara Restaurant (kerala cuisine)

‘Thakkara is a dream venture, with a unique concept, by a group of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, who thought of bringing exotic Malabar delicacies from the place of its origin, to break the monotony of food available in Kuwait….’

Thakkara Farwaniya (33 of 34)     …that was a line taken from their menu ;). Unfortunately, it was just yesterday we heard about this Thakkara Farwaniya (22 of 34)place in Fahaheel, Kuwait. The restaurant I think is pretty easy to find since its located near Lulu supermarket. The entrance is through the back.. It feels like entering a normal restaurant in kerala. They had the specials of the day penned on a board with a lot of food pictures… So as we walked up the stairs to the main restaurant our gastric juices were already secreting..!

The people were friendly and offered help and suggestions with the menu. The array of dishes available on the menu were really impressive. They even had ‘chemeen mango curry, karimeen pollichathu, kadukka fry (mussels). Since we had a heavy lunch we were a little stringent with our order.

1. Beef varrathiyathu – kd 1.150

2. Karimeen fry – kd 1.350 per piece

3. Chicken narachuth (stuffed chicken) – kd 2.250

4. Fish thenga curry – kd 1.350

5. Parotta – 100 fils each

6. Appam – 100 fils each

7. Tea – .250 fils  ……….. Total bill for 4 people kd 9.150

Thakkara Farwaniya (34 of 34)  …the dishes had an aunthetic kerala flavor to it. The fish thenga curry and stuffed chicken (with masala and egg) were very good. The beef was not the best and the karimeen was just ok.. The Parotta was not too oily. It was thin, soft and the surface was a little crisp. The appams were soft as sponge. It just melted along with the curry. Personally, I’d like my  appams a bit sweet and the bottom a little crusted. But that’s just a personal preference.

You can View their Menu Card here..!!

Location – Near LuLu Center, Fahaheel, Kuwait. Tel: +965 23920699, +965 99485787

Website –

Ratings – Ambiance – 6/10, Service – 6/10, Menu – 8/10, Food – 7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall – We will definitely go back again… to try out the specials ! 


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  1. Subin

    Had an experience ordering food from Thakkara (salmiya branch). I had placed the order around 12:40pm they informed me that delivery would take a little while but promised me by 1:30 it would certainly reach. However, even by 2:30 the food had not reached… I called them cause wanted to cancel the order and gave a piece of my mind. The order then reached home in 10 min.


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