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Wokhay Kuwait Review

Wokhay Kuwait Review

Reviewed by EK

Everyone likes an Asian fusion restaurant because most everyone has had some exposure to Far Eastern cuisine. You can always find your favorite dish whether it be Thai, Chinese or Japanese…so when we wanted to take out a guest from the US for dinner, WOK HAY met witWokhay (12 of 37)h everyone’s (mainly my wife’s) approval as it promised a variety of Asian cuisine and more.

 My first impression was great…location by the sea side (next to the Green Island entrance), plenty of parking (so essential these days) and a contemporary yet simple setting with large glass doors into the promenade. Nothing like a nice walk after a meal on a well-kept and quiet sea side promenade.

 Arriving at 8:30 pm, we were greeted by smiling hostesses to a half empty restaurant -which was good for us as we are a loud bunch. After we were seated they presented us with their well pictured and quite extensive menu. I also loved the jasmine tea which was served upon arrival and throughout our time there.

 Wokhay (22 of 37)For appetizer and soup we settled on the Dynamite Shrimp (Kd 3.950), Crab Rangoon (Kd 2.950), Chicken Dumpling (Kd 1.950) and Tom Tum Shrimp Soup Bowl (Kd 3.250). Our main course included the Wokhay Spicy Beef (Kd 6.250), Bejing Lamb (Kd 5.450), Butter Noodles (Kd 4.250), Hunan Wokhay (9 of 37)Chicken (Kd 4.450), Combo Fried Rice (Kd 3.750). For desserts we got the Chocolate Brownie (Kd 1.950), Pistachio Cake (Kd 1.950). Our drinks included the Ginger Mojito (Kd 1.750) and water. Our Total Bill for 13 people after discount was Kd 72.870. (Kindly note that the prices are listed per plate..)

 Service was efficient and food was served in quickly. Now, to the food, the Tom Yum Shrimp was good but not as good as the Oriental Restaurant ( they have set the standard for me). The Chicken Dim Sum was perfect in size, taste and texture as well as the blend of swWokhay (14 of 37)eet and spice in the coconut dynamite shrimps, all very good and a great start to our dinner.

 The Crab Rangoon was a disappointment though, the batter too fried and crisp for comfort, but the quality of the restaurant stands out in that they used real crab and not the imitation crab stick, so in fashion today.

 On to the main course, the Combo Fried Rice was absolutely fantastic, full of flavor, the ingredients stood outWokhay (35 of 37), the lamb was tender and absolutely packed with flavor as was the beef. Certainly good quality meat went in both the red meat dishes. Normally in Chinese restaurants in Kuwait, the meat loses out when covered and cooked in strong sauces, not so here! The Butter Noodles is a must, it’s the first I have tried anywhere and if you don’t have it when you go there, you are certainly missing one of their very best dishes.

 I must say we were quite surprised with the dessert. We expected the typical Chinese fusion dessert like fried sugared noodles in Ice Cream or something so when we saw the Pistachio Cake and the Chocolate Brownie it was like finding Mughlai biryani at Applebee’s! The dessert was of such amazing quality we had to ask if it was actually made in-house or outsourced. The pistachio cream was fresh, moist, and the fudge though it looked dry had just the right chocolate gooeyness (I don’t like it when some molten chocolate dessert erupts like Mt Vesuvius at the touch drowning out the cake and all the other condiments!).

 The added Wokhay (28 of 37)plus point to this restaurant? TSC card holders get a 30% discount and that’s substantial to your wallet my friend, so keep that in mind when you plan to visit Wokhay!Wokhay (29 of 37)

 All in all a great time, when you factor in the good food, with ample parking, the relaxing walk after and the privacy required when you are a loud bunch!

 Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service – 8/10, Menu – 8/10, Food –  7/10, Consistency – 7/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall – A good alternative to the existing Chinese restaurants in Kuwait.



  1. Anonymous

    Admirable writing!! Coaxing even the stubbornest couch potato to venture out into the world of WokHay.

    • Aby

      Thank you… Just make sure to carry your Sultan card with you. You could get a discount 🙂


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