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Zaatar W Zait, Kuwait

Zaatar W Zait, Kuwait



Zaatar Zait (9 of 15)The Marina Crescent is one of my favorite places in Kuwait. The walkway, the yacht harbor and of course the stretch Zaatar Zait (1 of 15)of international restaurants just makes this place an attraction. Zaatar W Zait is a vibrant Lebanese restaurant with one of its branches at the Marina Crescent. They began operations in May 1999 and moulded the simple Manousheh (Oregano bread) into very interesting dishes. A friend has been raving about this place for quite sometime and finally on a Saturday morning we decided to try out the place.  Think we got there around 9 am and the place was packed. If it was’nt for the rush, I would suggest this branch was a great hang out place, good ambience and great food.
We were 3 adults and a child. We had ordered the; Jebnah Kd 1.300, Bayd Aadi. P Kd 1.900, Halloumi in Pan Kd 2.800, Spicy Chicken Kd 2.350, Mighty Kafta Kd 2.500, Halloumi Sticks Kd 1.800, Coffee with milk Kd 1.100, Hot Chocolate Kd 1.000, Water Kd 0.400, fresh Lemonade Kd 1.000 and
Kashkawan Kd 0.600. Total Kd 16.750

Loved the color and freshness of the food. Three of us had shared the decently sized portions.  The Spicy Chicken wrap was my favorite and wish I didn’t have to share that;). This is definitely a breakfast place we would visit again, but maybe not on the weekends :(.

Zaatar Zait (15 of 15)Update – We had been to the Avenues branch (phase 1 Food Court). Sorry to say, but cant really compare the dining experience with the branch at Marina in terms of ambiance… but have to mention that the service was really disappointing.

You can View their MENU HERE !

Ratings – Ambiance –  8/10, Service -7/10, Menu – 7/10, Food – 8/10, Consistency – 8/10, Value for Money – 7/10

Overall – You Get what You Pay for..!!




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  1. Soyoun

    I’ve been making huumms for years, but never thought of the za’atar, despite using it for many years now in so many other dishes. Great idea. As I never use canned chick peas I imagine the microwave is unnecessary. But should I use it for the tahini mixture or can I just swirl the tahini and lemon around the hot chickpeas? The microwave has a tendency to change textures usually in the wrong direction. Here in Paris, with out Mediterranean influences, I believe we like with a thicker, if not chunky , version. I’m eager to try out your method .


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